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Leah Stoler

Oct 25, 2005
I don't know if this is the right place for me to post this, but I'll give it a go anyway...

I'm a 20 year old Titanic enthusiast, and I'm looking to write some letters back and forth with anyone directly or indirectly related or affected by the Titanic. I know that there is only one remaining survivor, and I'm sure she would be too busy to ever speak with, or write me...but does anyone here know of any relatives of passengers or crew aboard the Titanic, that would be willing to share stories and general information about their family member, or something of the sort?
Of course I would never want anyone to disclose any of these people's private information on a public discussion board, nor would I want you to send it to me without their permission, but if someone wouldn't mind asking about it first, and then helping us to get in contact, I would appreciate it greatly!

I've struggled for many years to find some kind of personal connection to the Titanic, other than simply my interest, and have failed. I have no family that I'm aware of, nor do any of my friends (although I'm adopted, with no knowledge of my birth family, so there's still hope!), that were related to the Titanic tragedy, but I would love to create a friendship with someone that wouldn't mind relaying some stories.

Thanks so much! Feel free to email me about this at any time. My email address is [email protected]
Sep 26, 1999
Hi Leah, The best way to do what you are wanting to do and go back through the archives of Encyclopedia Titanica and look through old posts where people ask if they had relatives on the Titanic. You can get names and email addresses that way. Sometimes, if a name isn't that common, you can take their name and go to a white pages search engine and get that persons address if they are listed publicly. Most Titanic researchers have worked very hard finding these people and probably won't be very forthcoming with any addresses for you. Not because they don't want to help you, but out of respect for the privacy of those people who have helped out these researchers in the past. I have written to over 100 families of Titanic passengers and I would say 90% of names I found was by doing research of Encyclopedia Titanica. In every city where Titanic exhibits have been displayed, they always mention local connections in that particular city. Thats another way to find out. The fun part is researching.
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