Ibm seeking a piece of Britannic paneling or woodwork

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Jan 7, 2002
A couple years ago some beautiful sections of paneling intended for Britannic's grand staircase sold on Ebay- of course I learned about the auction after the fact.

My interest in Titanic's equally doomed sister is growing by leaps and bounds.

This has confirmed my suspicion MUCH of Britannic's wood still exists, though I suspect most current owners of Britannic wood are unaware of its history.
Luckily bits have popped up where the history is known...
I am after a small piece of Britannic paneling, somthing bearing intricate carvings or relief..
it would be a treasured companion piece to my small cut section of titanic grand staircase trim recovered by one Mr Parker...

SO, if anyone on this list has a piece of Britannic wood youd either be willing to sell or trade (or if you know of anyone who will sell or trade),please email me off list.
Im not after a vast strectch of paneling, just a palm sized piece, preferably wood intended for the grand staircase, but Ill go for anything made for 1st class..
..Im looking for a small piece to display on my wall, but a larger sections would be welcomed..

Tarn stephanos

8 )

[email protected]

rene bergeron

Jun 16, 2001
Hey Tarn, I would also be interested in a piece from Britannic. Let me know how you make out. If you want to see something interesting on Britannic, send me an email, I will show you something. Thanks Rene
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