Ice: Clear and Absent Danger


Apr 20, 2012
This website appears to be very pro Captain Lord, etc. I would rather a serious consideration of both sides from a neutral position.The assumption is the Californian's position was correct. If the Titanic made an error in her position why is there an assumption the Californian's position was any more accurate? The titanic position can be seen as an error today because the wreck was found. There is no way of confirming the Californian's position. The titanic was sinking so I would imagine they made best effort to get their position right but they still got it wrong. Navigational positioning of the day was not particularly accurate.It appears to be fact that Captain Lord saw another ship. It appears to be fact that Captain Lord was aware rockets were sighted. So any mystery ship would have had to be firing rockets at the same time as the titanic.I struggle to ignore the fact the Californian saw a ship firing rockets. Whether there were 8 or 80, whether they were 1 or 10 minutes apart is arguing over detail. They saw rockets and they were probably from the titanic so that puts them in the same area.I can't see past they saw rockets.