Iceberg A Tall Tale

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Feb 24, 2004
Hi, Mark and all!

Since I've never heard of anything even remotely like the phenomenon this article describes, I'm taking it with a huge helping of salt. Of course, if what it says is true, then I guess the joke's on me, eh?



April 17, 1912, p. 3:


One of nature’s most remarkable transformations in the ice of the Bering Sea, said to have taken place in the autumn of 1911, is the direct cause of the present huge cakes of ice in Atlantic waters and also of the terrible disaster which overtook the steamship Titanic, according to Judge B. S. Rodey, of Nome, United States attorney for one of the Alaska divisions, and in this city at present at the Arctic Club.

Students of the sea, including old captains who have traversed the Atlantic for years, have remarked this spring on the unusual ice which has flooded the ocean waters, ice larger and apparently firmer than they have ever seen before.

This ice, according to Judge Rodey, has traveled from the Bering Sea off Nome across the North Pole and is now on its way south to be finally melted when it has swept further from its source than ice ever swept before.

In the autumn of 1911, says the government official, Captain Berthoff [*], of the revenue cutter Bear, noticed at Point Barrow, Alaska’s farthest north, that the ice had completely left the Bering Sea so far as eye could reach. He had taken the cutter from Nome to Point Barrow through a sea as free from frozen bergs as was the sunny Pacific.

Leaving Point Barrow, with considerable wonderment at the absence of ice in the northern sea at that time of the year, he took a detour, going in every direction of the compass, and still was unable to find any trace of ice.

Upon his return to Nome he related the remarkable fact and gave it as his belief that the bergs had moved over the edge of the continent and would sweep southward when sufficient time had elapsed. This is the ice, Judge Rodey believes, which has just now reached the crucial path of ocean liners and brought to the Titanic its doom.

[* sic -- "Captain Commandant E.P. Bertholf." Note that Judge Rodey was the one telling the tale here, not Capt. Bertholf, who, it seems, was not in attendance. Now, what exactly were the Judge's initials again? . . .]


Aly Jones

Nov 22, 2008
The Iceberg that doomed Titanic is well gone now.
When Titanic Struck the iceberg,thee iceberg was all-ready dying out. Infact weeks - month,thee iceberg had melted away.

This information came from an documentry called-*The Titanic's Iceberg*
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