Iceberg as life raft

Jul 28, 2020
There are people who climb icebergs for fun (because of course there are) and I just perused a few articles about it. Given that there were many icebergs in the area, it seems plausible there would have been one in the area that was relatively stable and flat on top that could have been reached from an upper deck. But it's hard to imagine anyone coming up with this idea in real time. Climbing one requires ice axes and crampons and experience, none of which were present.
Nov 14, 2005
Almost anything is possible given enough time and resources. But they had no way to get to any berg in the time they had. Plus who would get ouf a relativly safe lifeboat to crawl on some ice. The only way I could something like that working even remotly is if they were surrounded by an ice flow that they could be lowered onto without getting wet. But no harm in speculating about it because in rare cases it has been done before.


Nov 2, 2020
I thought I had read that the Titanic traveled quite some distance before it stopped. That would make this idea hugely impossible unless they had stopped right next to a very flat iceberg they could have been lowered onto.


Apr 7, 2021
Let's play Monday morning quarterback and assume that Captain Smith KNEW the ship was doomed right away and KNEW that no rescue was coming. Obviously neither of these are true but if they were could he have tried to stay near the iceberg and ferry passengers to the iceberg with lifeboats? Could more people have been saved? Granted disembarking onto an iceberg would have been difficult but let's say there was a spot where they could unload passengers. How many more could have been saved?

In a perfect case scenario the ship stays near the iceberg and they load up passengers and blankets to bring to the iceberg.

Crazy idea or plausible?

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