Iceberg collision sequence

Dan Kappes

Aug 17, 2009
Apple Valley, Minnesota, United States
There's a scene in the film shortly after the Titanic hits the iceberg in which Richard Basehart shows Clifton Webb the iceberg in the distance and Webb asks him "Did we hit it?". Basehart replies "No, it hit us."

I don't think it matters either way if the iceberg hit the Titanic or vice versa.

The Titanic is accurately seen with its starboard side approaching the iceberg, but the underwater shot showing the spur of the iceberg tearing a gash in the ship is showing the ship's port side, which is inaccurate. It seems to me like the editor forgot to flip it in post-production to keep it historically accurate, like when James Cameron flipped the Southampton scenes in his 1997 film.

There's also a scene in the collision sequence in which Second Officer Lightoller is glancing out the window of his cabin and a painting is seen on the wall of the RMS Queen Mary, which did not exist in 1912.

Here is the sequence on YouTube: