Iceberg's Damage in Movie

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Nov 9, 2002
Hey All,
As you know, the square footage of water coming into the Titanic was 12ft X 12ft. (size of average house door) In the movie, a lot of water comes pouring into the cargo hold and boiler rooms. It looks a lot more than a doors amount of water. I hear something out of my window and im really scared! Be right back! Well I dont know what it is so this is kind of scary. Well I must be going.....Bye!


Tom Pappas

Hello, Sahand!

Actually, the size of the hull breach figures out to twelve square feet, or 3' x 4', about the size of a refrigerator door. Since the opening mostly took the form of cracks between hull plates, the movie depiction is probably spot on.

Don Tweed

May 5, 2002
It is a hard fact to get your mind around.
This leviathan of ship with not more than 12 square feet opened to the sea and she is doomed.
It was the placement of that square footage across the compartments, as we know, that was her undoing.
Still it is hard to accept.
As Tom has stated, if they only knew then what we know now, they may have tried other measures.
And if they had and succeeded in their attempts we would not be here now talking about it.
Oct 28, 2000
The twelve square feet number is misleading. Wilding said the aggregate damage was equivalent to that size opening, but his wording included percolation which is the effective ingress of water reduced by the natural blockages of the ship's interior. So, the actual opening or openings could be somewhat larger and still produce the effect of a twelve square foot hole.

There is something else wrong with the numbers and that is the flooding scenario. The one given to Wilding by the BOT did not match the experiences of people who were there. In his testimony Wilding admitted that he had to rework his numbers to match what Lord Mersey desired. The first time Wilding ran the numbers, he could not get his mathematical model ship to sink.

The rapid flooding of hold #3 and the mail room indicate a much larger hole than twelve square feet in that compartment alone. Wilding had boiler room #6 flooded at the very beginning, when testimony of a survivor of boiler room #6 indicates that event must have taken place 20 to 25 minutes after impact. Wilding man knew his naval architecture so these problems with the flooding were not of his creation. The problems originate with the incorrect data supplied by the BOT hearings.

The horizontal open seams recorded by echosounds are probably real. That does not mean they were the damage that sank the ship. Paul Matthias reported he found more of these on the port side than the starboard. That report was published on the Discovery Channel web site at the time of the exploration. Similar damage to both sides would not have resulted from an event confined to the starboard side of the ship.

Whatever the size of the openings, they were enough to start the chain of events we call the sinking of Titanic.

-- David G. Brown
Jun 8, 2003
I think, the amount of water was purely for dramatic effect. I think somehow it is hard to match every survivours story. I think Cameron did the best he could.I think the movie was as accurate in that particular scene as possible. But lets face it, as the years go on we are bound to learn more about the disaster, we know much more about it now, as people did in 1995/96 when the film was shot. I think there have been much less accurate portrayls in titanic movies from the past.
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