Icy NY for the Oceanic lookouts in Jan 1912

"With the thermometer at 3 degrees below zero at 6:50 o'clock yesterday morning, New York experienced its coldest day since Jan. 5, 1904...The barrier of ice at Pier 59, where the White Star liner Oceanic was docked, was so thick she had a hard job to back out into the river. The movement of the liner through the ice piled it up on either side..." -NYT Jan 14, 1912

That sure must have been a cold time to be a member of the Deck Department. It seems that there were a couple of familiar faces among the crew, especially the lookouts, on that Jan 3-20, 1912 voyage.

A Jewell (of Cornwall) signed on as a lookout. In answer to question 209 at the British Inquiry, he said that he was a lookout on the Oceanic once. It seems like this may have been his first (and last) time on the lookout for the White Star Line before signing on as a lookout on the Titanic in April.

Another familiar lookout was A Horswill (of London). He was an AB on the Titanic.

Even though Symons had been a lookout on Oceanic for a number of years, he wasn't one on this voyage. G Symons (of Weymo.) had taken the place of E Archer (of Hants) as Lamp Trimmer when Archer decided not to join.

I just thought that was all kind of interesting and wanted to share. The crew list is at the National Archives in Kew, record number BT 100/135.