ID of Unknown # 21 Could it have been Steward Eggb

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Phil Fazzini

ON ET under "People" than "Victims" than to "UNidentified Victiums" are clues:
Male: 25 to 30
"Had Paper reading Jan. to Dec. 1911: First Saloon Waiter SS MAJESTIC; also keys aboard marked "Locker 7E". Wore Steward jacket, vest and trousers; ...
EGG HAD BEEN A 3rd Class Saloon Steward on MAJESTIC
Last Clue ":Laundry mark "E"
Senan Malony in article thinks this may have
been former saloon MAJESTIC steward Henry J. Slight--yet according according to
EGG bio -Egg also worked on the MAJESTIC.
PREHAPS THE Deciding factor is the LAUNDRY

Bob Godfrey

Nov 22, 2002
Hallo, Phil, and welcome to the forum. Here's my take on unidentified body No 21. He was carrying papers relating to service as a 1st Class saloon waiter on the Majestic, so it's unlikely he would have signed on for service on Titanic as a 3rd Class steward with considerably less earning potential. The jacket and vest (waistcoat) style of uniform was worn by 1st and 2nd class stewards; 3rd class wore a simple tunic buttoned to the neck. The keys to locker 7, E deck, could have been for a personal locker in one of the stewards' dormitory rooms. For 1st and 2nd Class these were on E deck - 3rd class were on F deck. The laundry mark could mean anything, but a single letter would be next to useless as a personal identification mark.

There were only two 1st Class saloon waiters known to have served on the Majestic. Leonard Hoare signed on as 21 years old but is thought to have been a teenager. That leaves John Pusey, who was 35. For my money, he's your man.

mary mason

Aug 24, 2003
I am glad to find a post already made on W.H Egg, it saves me having to make one myself lol.
I have been doing a bit of research on some of the crew members, one of them being this man. I have a Cd by Craig Stringer called "titanic people". In it he says that Egg had a wife called Selina who received relief from the Titanic relief fund.
I have searched the marriage index's and found only one marriage for a William Henry Egg to a Selina Marcham. I also found them married and with children in the 1901 census, however this William was born in 1865 and was an estate agent in 1901. (the Egg on the Titanic was born about 1878, going by his given age)
I got in touch with a relative, and she said that her W.H Egg did not die on Titanic. So there seems to be crossed wires somewhere. I am hoping somebody can help me.
are there any records of who received what from the Titanic relief fund so that I could find if it says that W.H Eggs wife was called Selina?
I am sorry if this does not make sense, It is now almost 6am and i have been sat here wondering wether to ask the question here or not.
Thanks in advance
Jul 20, 2000

Under Class "F" Dependants Case No C. 401 reads, Egg, Selina; relationship to deceased - widow. - There is no mention of any children.

Graeme Slight

Jan 4, 2007
Ref. Body No.21 thought to be the body of my Great Grandfather Harry John Slight according to an ET discussion.
I have the Signing on sheets for the Majestic which shows Harry as a Steward and not a Saloon Steward as recorded on Body No.21's papers.
Bob Godfrey's comments about the vest and drop in salary are quite valid and I reluctantly admit Body No.21 is not Harry.
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