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ID photo looks like Smith

Discussion in 'Captain Edward John Smith' started by ashtonpup, Mar 6, 2018.

  1. ashtonpup

    ashtonpup Member

    Hello, I have a photo it is one from a collection of old Hollywood photographs I have. It is stamped on the back press photo, San Francisco...CALIF. Looks like Captain Smith, but crew wearing spectacles?. Any ideas? Thank you much, Lori

    photo for id.jpg

    pic for id2.jpg
  2. Kyle Naber

    Kyle Naber Member

    They do look very similar, but I cannot say for sure if that really is him.
  3. ashtonpup

    ashtonpup Member

    Did they wear spectacles back then? I have only been able to find a few photos of him maybe I'm looking in wrong place?
  4. IanMcD

    IanMcD Member

    Did Captain Smith ever sail on the Pacific ocean or visit the west coast of the U.S.? I am doubtful.
  5. ashtonpup

    ashtonpup Member

    Yes he sailed to new york. This is commom knowledge. How long have you been a member of this site?
  6. New York is on the east coast of the US and the ocean between Europe and New York is not the Pacific ocean.

    Regarding the photo, he even did not look close to Captain Smith.
    The uniforms look like those of the United States Lines.
  7. Mark Baber

    Mark Baber Moderator Member

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    No, but San Francisco is.

    Smith was not assigned to any of the White Star ships on the White Star/Occidental & Oriental Pacific service. I don't know if he visited the West Coast of the United States during his pre-White Star career.
  8. Matt Mackett

    Matt Mackett Member

    The insignia on their uniforms looks US Navy but I’m not entirely sure.
  9. Tracy Smith58

    Tracy Smith58 Member

    Glasses have existed for hundreds of years.
  10. Sam Brannigan

    Sam Brannigan Member

    Looks like an eagle on their sailor caps and they do seem vaguely Germanic...

    The mafia looking men at the back are wearing hats that suggest the 1920s.
  11. Sam Brannigan

    Sam Brannigan Member

    Crazy amount of ankle as well lol
  12. Yes, I was going to say this photo looks to be from well after Captain Smith had been gone. The clothes alone look like the 1920's. Looking closer at his face, Smith's nose was not that big ;)
  13. ashtonpup

    ashtonpup Member

    Hello! First, I want to thank you all for your feedback regarding the photo I posted here. Second, I finally figured out who this man is it took forever. It is Admiral Edward W. Eberle, USN - 1920's

  14. Mark Baber

    Mark Baber Moderator Member

    A correction: Smith was second officer on Coptic on the Pacific service, from 1882 to 1883. Source: Cooper's E.J.: The Story of Edward John Smith.
    Last edited: Apr 14, 2018
  15. Titanic idiot

    Titanic idiot Member

    Captain Smith did for a brief period stay in San Francisco and sail to China. That was earlier in his career probably before his White Star Line service as Captain of Lizzie Fennell.
  16. I was just going to say the same thing. LOL
    The women's clothes and hats definitely look 1920-ish.
    Captain Smith wouldn't have been around much after 1912. :-(
    I would guess there are two Captains and the Admiral....All U.S. Navy Officers. Maybe wives of the Officers or the men in the picture....Maybe couples.
    Last edited: Jun 28, 2018
  17. Doug Criner

    Doug Criner Member

    The device on his cap is definitely U.S. Navy.
  18. The Officers are definitely U.S. Navy
    Sleeve Markings:
    4 Narrow Stripes-Captain
    Broad StrIpe + 4 Narrow Stripes - Admiral
    The men's civilian clothes, caps and hats and the women's clothes and hats are definitely 1920's.
    Of course, they could be other than Americans (?)
    The group seems to be standing on the wooden deck of a ship. (?)

    It would be interesting to know the idenity of the two Captains and their ships, the civilians, and the occasion for the gathering.? On a U.S. Navy Ship ?

    On closer inspection, the Admiral in the group picture looks like Admiral Eberle in the single picture...but not quite (?)
    Could have been some other Admiral (?)
    Edited: Close enough, probably him !
    Just another of my "IMHO Guesses" : Adm. Eberle was older in the group picture than when the single picture was made would account for the difference in appearances.
    Adm.Eberle was at one time the Superintendent of the Naval Academy. He died in 1929.
    Curiously enough, I found an Admiral Sir James Eberle (1927-2018) of the British Royal Navy.
    Related ?

    Thanks for the picture. Certainly interesting, to say the least !
    Who, what, where, when and why ?

    The Captain on the extreme right looks a bit like Stanley Lord ? Of course not ! No waaaay ! LOL
    Last edited: Jun 30, 2018