Idea for new Titanic Movie


Nov 2, 2001
Weepy Willa sounds like too many of the girls from my high school with their crushes on Brad Pitt and the sort. Some of them actually cried when he married Jennifer pathetic is that?

And as to the whole Lightoller/Lowe bit, if Lights had some grouses about his interpretation of mocking, Lowe may have had a few about what he might have seen as Lights' shamelessly being White Star's PR man du jour. As you said, all in the personal interpretation...though unfortunately Lights' loyalty to the company didn't save him.

But it certainly would make for some good dramatic tension! Gotta love that...


Nov 2, 2001
I've got it. Make it a film musical. Can have Ismay and Lord have a duet about being misunderstood and villified. Fleet gets a song about being a humble lookout. Lightoller singing longingly of home and Lowe singing longingly of homicidal thoughts towards Smith (just kidding...) And of course the Lowe/Lightoller quarrel in the style of Les Miserables' "The Confrontation", or Lowe/Smith if you prefer. And all that other good stuff...

John Meeks

If folks in Hollywood like the concept of tragedy as a money-spinner - how about a 'time warp' story - Titanic rammed the Kursk....!


John M

Anita Casey-Reed

Well, if time warps are permitted - how about combining our favorite ship vs. those evil Nazis? Stealing liberally from that "Voyage Out of Time" video game and perhaps "Raiders of the Lost Ark", we have something of value on the Titanic that Hitler wants. Those Germans have figured out a way to go back in time to get it. Allied agent (depending on the actor/actress involved, could be any of the nationalities, but the most likely possibilities are British or American) goes back and, with Lightoller's help, saves the day. Can include in jokes concerning Light's future role at Dunkirk and...what if those supposed gunshots on deck were part of the climatic struggle between the Axis spy and our hero?


Nov 2, 2001
Or a U-Boat sank the Titanic? Or maybe it was the King George V thinking she was the Bismarck...or the Bismarck thinking she was the Hood...

And hey, there're plenty of officers that could help, not just Lights...hehe! Was that what Lowe was really firing at?


Nov 2, 2001
I suppose we also need Celine Dion warbling the theme song in this one too. "My Senator Will Go On...and On....and On..." perhaps?

Either that or we could go the completely anachronistic route a la Cameron's Bismarck film and have 90's grunge or hard rock playing with our 1912-style footage. Somehow I don't think "Smells Like Teen Spirit" precisely fits the bill, though...

And with our luck, Jack will rise from his watery grave and be seen testifying before the Committee.

Instant blockbuster. Just add water.

Chris Nicholson

Aaa a musical JH. I can see it now. A cold night April 14. The passengers are on the deck
Passenger 1:We will arrive in New York in about 3 days
Passenger 2: That is if we don't drown and pass away
Passenger1: But this is the finest ship in the land
Passenger 3:Not when you put it in Ismay's hand
Passenger 1
ur wifes are gonna complain man they are such nags
Passenger 4: Don't worry cause in 5 days thel be coming home in canvas bags!
-Every one comes out and sings and dances
Everyone: Were gonna die!
Oh mee oh my
-People go back to singing normally
Passenger 1: In 86 years thel make a movie oh golly oh gee
Thomas Andrews: I bet that Victor Garber is gonna play me
Jack Dawson: Im gonna beat Cal down with my fist
Passenger 3: Hey wait you guys didn’t even exist
-Jack and cal pop out of existance
Passenger 4 in the third class: People will be eating popcorn and wearing souvenir hats
While they watch us get locked down here to freeze and drown like dirty rats!
-Everyone starts dancing again
Were gonna Die!
Bruce Ismay Lied!
Oh mee oh my
-Goes back to normal
Passenger 5: How can this ship sink? It is a sight that makes me gawl.
Captain Lord: The funny thing is, I could have saved you all
Passenger 4: Captain lord that was a lovely quip!
Captain Smith: hey wait a sec what are you doing on this ship?
-Big end dance. People are dancing, smokestacks start spewing colorful sparks, and synchronized swimmers are performing cool layouts
Male passenger comes out in a dress: I AM A BI!
da da da da da dum dum dum
-boxhall at the wheel with iceberg ahead
da da da da da da da dum dum dum dum dum
Ship slams into burg

Thank You Thank You if you want I can write some more of these

Anita Casey-Reed


I thought your musical version was MUCH better than the "Titanic" musical I saw a couple of years ago. Hey, why not get Catherine Zeta-Jones? She has experience with both musicals AND the Titanic!!!

Lee Gilliland

Feb 14, 2003
It's my guess that, considering the success of Chicago, Titanic: the Musical might well be under consideration. Although I'll bet doing a (bad) horror movie with that silly tale about the mummy getting smuggled off and put on the Empress of ireland could be a lot of fun. Where is Roger Corman when we need him?

Bob Godfrey

Nov 22, 2002
Don't forget the comedy prospects. Here's a preview of Blackadder V:

Final scene: 7th Officer Blackadder and seaman Baldrick on the boat deck.

Baldrick: Don't worry, Sir, I have a cunning plan.
Blackadder: Is it as cunning as your plan to let the water out by opening the portholes?
Baldrick: Even more cunning, sir.
Blackadder: I guessed as much. Does it involve a turnip?
Baldrick: Two, actually. You put them in your shirt like this.
Blackadder: Brilliant! And then we mince aboard the nearest lifeboat?
Baldrick: No. We swim all the way to New York, nourished by these lovely turnips.
Blackadder: Baldrick, just hold onto this rocket while I find a match.
Dec 8, 2000
Oh my! So vivid I could actually see and hear it.


(Only one - minor - quibble: where is my beloved gormless George?)

Chris Nicholson

Hey anyone want another Titanic song by me?
Too bad your getting one anyways.
All these people are in the water freezing to death, and making small chat with eachother.
Passenger1:The ship struck an iceburg o golly oh gee
Man who wrote futility in a dingy: The only one who saw it coming was me
Passenger 2: You Jinxed us im gonna send you to a herse
Passenger 3: Or maybe the ship was sunk by a mummy's curse
Passenger 4
h stop mentioning that we should be ashamed. cause we know that there is only one cursed person to blame.
Passenger 1:Is is it smith, ismay, andews, oh gee
Violet Jessop in a boat: no my friends the one to blame is me
Everyone doing syncronized swimming and she is dancing in the boat: She is the worst luck for a ship. All of the ones shes on takes a dip. Really we think that to her the grim reaper should stalk. She was on the RMS Olympic when it hit the Hawke. Shel be on our sister ship Brittanic when it sticks to the bottom like glue. And she was on the Titanic TOOOOOOOOO!!!!!
da da da da da da da da da da
Violet: Don’t cruise with me!

Raymond Leggs

Apr 3, 2003
Rms titanic 2 movie
I will make a camcorder
movie about the titanic 2
hitting a
berg and sinking
I even have the cast figured out
Molly McQuarrie as herself
samantha hinton as herself
Haley london as Lindsey
Sasha duke as laura
Ana Alisiliou? as megan
Randy kelley as Andy
a bald guy as the captain
a young guy as the cheif officer
and some extras
and a orchestra
and a tow boat for the deck scenes
and engine rooms
a model for the big finale

Don Tweed

Mar 30, 2006
How about a movie from the relatives viewpoint.
I mean the movie could switch back and forth across the big pond showing the shock and disbelief on crew and passengers kinfolk.
People rushing into New York for word or family and friends gathering on Canute Rd. for word...
It has potential I think!
Jul 10, 2009
I think it should start with a little thunder, a lotta rain, and zoomed in on dark water. Slowly, as the credits are shown, the camera turns slightly back and pans up showing people on a the dock, waiting for the Carpathia. By the credit's end, the Carpathia looms up in the distance.

Raymond Leggs

Apr 3, 2003
Hi I am Writing a Script For an Ammature Movie about the titanic II Here Is an Excript from it
I will Post my version of the collision later.

The titanic 2 floats gently in the water leaning on its portside and settling by the prow at the same time.
Cut to: middle of the boat deck
Samantha: “Andy I cant believe you got back on this thing”￾.
Andy: “I want to stay with you”￾
Samantha: “I know that its not the end yet but we need to be together”￾.
Pan to the righ and sideways camera movement :
The captin walks out of the bridge and orders the orchestra to play to calm the passenger’s down
Band leader: “Londonderry aire please”￾
The band starts to play
The people rowing in the rafts are stunned by the start of the music. Andy Holds Samantha close as the piece plays.
After the music:
Man: “I need to get my gun”￾
Second officer Charels Roberts: “Sir get in the boat”￾
Man: “not without my gun”￾
Officer:”￾You must”￾
He pushes the angry man into the boat as a rumble comes from the heart of the ship .
Officer: “Any more in this boat”￾
Laura eases into the boat
And she looks op at andy with her eyes shining in the light of the distress rockets.
The boat starts to jerk its way down.
The ship rumbles and shakes a little.
Samantha: “what was that”￾
Andy: I don’t know but I think something serious is going to happen soon.”￾
Down in the boiler room no.6:
The sight glass that allows ou to see the fire in the boiler burst out as it contacts the water and steam starts to jet out.
Engineer: “come on everyone its gonna blow”￾!
Stokers run away quickly
Cut to deck:
The ship shakes and the boiler explodes with a loud bang
Sending smoke all over the boat deck
Laura looks on from the life boat as pipes and hot metal shoot from the first smokestack.
Back to deck:
Samantha gets up off the deck after being thrown over by the explosion people panic and try to rush the lifeboats
The officer shoots his revolver into the air
People calm down.
Samantha: “I think that we don’t have much longer to stay afloat”￾.
Andy: “Don’t worry”￾.

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