Identification of a Lusitania Trunk needed

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I recently found a Lusitania Trunk in an estate sale here in Vermont. There are Cunard stickers on both sides and on each end there is a large square Cunard tags identifying the owner as Mrs. W. Taylor, Cabin number 97. Sailing date from La Havre is August 25, but no mention of the year. Her destination is also listed as New York.
The tag also says that daily access is needed to this small trunk.
I have searched the internet and couldn't find any other trunks? Surely there must be some out there somewhere.
I am hoping that someone may have a passanger list for this date with Mrs. Taylors name.
I would like to know the year this trunk sailed on the Lusitania. Thanks for any help or suggestions.

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Lusitania was on the Liverpool/New York run, with calls at Fishguard and Queenstown; but never at Le Harve. It is my understanding that only after the 1930's merger with White Star that Cunard ships would have been on a Southampton/New York service which is the only one that I am aware of that could have involved a call at Le Harve.

Please provide a scan of the Cunard tags that name both the Lusitania and Le Harve.

Also does the cabin number show just as 97 or B-97?
After a closer inspection of the tags which the writing is very light, I think that this may be a tag for the Lacania, but the writing looks more like "Lusciana". In the bottom right corner there is a notation "Foptin Nevers Paris 1866". The tag says at the top "Havre Service". The luggage was for Deck-D, Room 73.
Hello Steve,

I have a Mar'12 Cunard Line Fare Rate booklet. None of the Service Routes include calls at Le Harve, but as passengers could book from London or Paris I am guessing that to get to Liverpool they would have travelled from Paris to Le Harve then crossed the English Channel. ......

The Laconia is listed under both the Mediterranean-Egyptian-Adriatic Cruises [winter months] and under the Boston-Liverpool Services.

Hope that helps.
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