Identification of Lifeboats?

Hi y'all!

I recently came across these photos in the GreenWhich museums repository (and are free to take) in the McQuitty Collection, which are original B&W photos taken by Louis Ogden of the Lifeboats and the survivors in them on April 15th. I was wondering if its possible to tell which lifeboat they are?

I guessed:
-Photo 6 is Lifeboat 16.
-Photo 9 is definitely Lowe towing Collapsible D behind them.
-Photo 10 is Collapsible D on its own.
-Photo 11 is Lifeboat 14 with its Sail out.
-Photo 12 is Lifeboat 6, with Hichens at the Tiller?
-Photo 14 May be Lifeboat 12, from what I've heard.

Thanks for the help!
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I looked through the American archives, and the description says that the photo's (of the supposed Lifeboat 6) description itself says: