Identifying crew in photos

So lastly, here are the 5 more difficult crewmen to identify in that picture:

18 – AB Edward Buley?
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It appears that when they took this photograph the taller men stood at the back while the shorter sat at the front. So who is this thin young guy sitting next to Evans then? Unfortunately, the way he sat put him on a difficult lightning ratio to distinguish details properly, but by what we have, it’s not difficult coming to AB Edward Buley (26) as a potential candidate, by mere process of elimination. Besides, he was 5' 4½" high, so he would certainly be sitting there at the front.

20 – AB Robert Hopkins??
Luckily this fellow is sitting in the front row so we can see him clearly to try identifying him. It’s in fact a rare character, and some suggested it was AB Jones, which is wrong. They are similar but Jones is rather bald, which is not the case with this guy if you look carefully.

Next candidate: it’s also been guessed this was AB Philip Vigott, and there are indeed rather similar. Yet maybe the differences stand out more than the similarities to the closer look. First, there’s something that doesn’t quite match in their expressions and I’d say that our guy sitting in the pic looks a bit older than Vigott too. Then we have some facial feature differences, with our guy having more prominent jaws and chin and more angular features in general. Enough differences perhaps to discredit this man as being Vigott.

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Then? He doesn’t look like AB McCarthy either. So, by process of elimination I just took AB Robert Hopkins (43) into consideration, whose facial features and expression maybe match more than any other, or at least fills the differences that put Vigott out of the list.

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Nevertheless, it’s not 100% for sure, and also Anderson and Foley stay as candidates due to the lack of pictures of them.

21 – AB George McGough??
The only thing in our favour is that we can see his face clearly, for this guy is rather mysterious. In fact, I’m not sure if he is indeed a member of the deck department.

It’s been suggested it was John Poingdestre, although I think he looks more like George McGough. Still, there’s a little problem with this fellow’s obesity if we believe he’s either of them, and his expression is also a bit incompatible with them.

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Taking a closer look at his facial features and proportions I would say that, if he is a seaman, he would most likely be George McGough. Yet, as I said, there’s something about this man that doesn’t quite fit.

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9 – Lookout Alfred Evans??
Another bit of a mysterious fellow, but at least we can infer by his clothing that he is a seaman. He seems to be young, maybe between 22 and 27, medium height –not taller than 5' 7" I would say –.

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There are not many seamen left that could match this case, so let’s see: taking a look at some features of this fellow (hair, face/head shape, expression, body proportions) I would infer it’s not William Lucas, George Symons or William Peters. Then I thought James Forward was not a bad candidate, but looking carefully, our fellow has got like a really youthful air that could only match one of these two: AB Archie Jewell (23) and lookout Alfred Evans (25).

16 - ?

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So, here’s the most difficult crewman to identify. Some put him as William Weller, but I think Weller has a bigger, square chin. Other candidates are William Peters and John Poingdestre, but he doesn’t really match with any of them

Maybe we should even ask ourselves one more time, if he is indeed a member of the crew department.

As Paul assumed, #9 is lookout Archie Jewell (23 years old).

Actually, #16 is William Peters (26 years old). His facial features and hairline are identical.

As you have already guessed, #17 is Alfred Evans (25 years old).

I personally believe that #21 is John Poingdestre (27 years old). His jaws and nose are wider than George McGough's. Also, the facial features resemble those of Poingdestre more than those of McGough. Finally, I must mention that #21 looks younger than 36 years, which was McGoughs age.
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