Identity of Thomas J Hart


Jason Bidwell

Hi. I was wondering if anyone here has thought about who died in Thomas Hart's place. Hart, you may recall, was a fireman who passed out drunk in a bar and had his discharge book stolen from him. Using that book, someone signed onto the Titanic under Hart's name and presumably drowned when the ship sank. The real Hart was initially thought a fatality until he showed up a few weeks later alive and well, and told his story. I speculate that perhaps Lee McCubbin might have been "Hart," if there's anything to the McCubbin story. McCubbin wrote his mother a postcard saying he had got a post on the Titanic, but he does not appear on the crew list. Perhaps McCubbin was lying to his mother, or the story was a hoax, but there may be something to it. And if McCubbin was never heard of again after April 1912, I think it at least deserves some consideration. Any comments? Or different candidates?

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