If you could save 150 more people...who would they be?

J Sheehan

Aug 23, 2019
Cork, Ireland
There's a thread here asking if you could save one additional victim, but I want to go much further and save a lot more.

If you had the chance to save 150 more people from Titanic...who would you save?

For me I would save:

Chief Officer Wilde,
First Officer Murdoch,
Sixth Officer Lowe,
Chief Engineer Bell,
Chief Wireless Operator Phillips,
A la Carte Restaurant manager Luigi Gatti,
Bandleader Wallace Hartley and all the members of the orchestra,
Thomas Andrews and the other eight members of the Guarantee Group.
All five postal clerks,
At least 25 member of the Restaurant staff,
Catherine Walsh, Lucy Violet Snape and Catherine Jane Wallis, the only stewardesses who died in the sinking,
Dr William O'Loughlin
Chef Charles Procter,
Boatswain Alfred Nichols,
At least 40 of the engineers and stokers who were on watch when the ship hit the iceberg,
Mr and Mrs Hudson Allison and their daughter Loraine, with Sarah Daniels and George Swane,
Mr Isidor and Mrs Ida Straus,
Mr William T Stead,
Mr John Jacob Astor,
Mr Clinch Smith,
Mr William F Hoyt,
Ismay's valet John Fry and secretary William Harrison,
Major Archibald Butt,
Miss Edith Evans,
Mr Jacque Futrelle,
Mr Benjamin Guggenheim and his valet,
Mr Thomas William Brown (Edith Brown Haisman's father),
Father Thomas Byles,
Reverend John Harper,
Mr Benjamin Hart (Eva Hart's father),
Josef Laroche,
Michel Navratil (alias Michael Hoffman),
All six members of the the Skogg family from Sweden,
All eleven members of the Sage family,
All eight members of the Goodwin family,
Mr Frank Goldsmith (Frank Goldsmith Jr's father),
Miss Catherine Buckley (she lived in Ovens Co Cork, not too far from where I live),
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