If you thought the film was stupid watch this

And I thought the giant blow-up sinking Titanic kid's slide was strange....
That's so tacky! Not only tacky in the overall look. But tacky, as usual, in making a disaster into a "fun time".

Let's watch United 93 or World Trade Center in a replica of a plane!
This gimmick is a rehash of one of the stupider publicity stunts of the 1950s. Jane Russell and Richard Egan co-starred in a rather lame adventure film about SCUBA called "Underwater." It was decreed that the Press Premier would be at the bottom of a swimming pool in Palm Springs, CA. The end result was a well-remembered fiasco, the sole highlight of which was unknown starlet Jayne Mansfield (whose measurements at the time were a startling 40-17-36, with corset) "accidentally" tumbling into the pool and losing her bikini top, in front of the assembled entertainment press. As she later put it "I undid my top and came up bouncing." The best headline it produced was "Jayne Outpoints Jane."
>What happens if you needed to go to the toilet during the film?

The theatre is equipped with those signs that were beloved in USA Surburbia 1980s:

"This is Our Ool. You'll Notice There's No P In It. Let's Keep It That Way!"

and, it's equally rib-tickling counterpart:

"We Dont' Swim in Your Toilet. Please Dont Pee In Our Pool."

and even:

"If You Pee In Our Pool, We'll F--t (break wind) In Your Car."

For a time it seemed NO suburban in-the-ground-pool was built that did not have at least ONE of those signs adorning it. My parents refused to go with the zeitgeist of the times, and subsequently OUR pool lacked the level of mirth generated by most others.....
Oh c'mon folks ~ you know you secretly want to watch this film while wearing Edwardian trappings from the vantage point of a lifeboat.

Oh, and also while eating ice cream. Ha! Get it? "Ice" cream? or "I scream?" Har har.

I wonder if 'dead body' mannequins suddenly float across the water next to your boat at the appropriate moment in the film? Ooooh cooool! Sign me up!
This one gets the coveted "You've Got To Be Kidding Me." award! Too bad they didn't fill the pool with real salt water at freezing temperatures with real ice, then dump the promoters into the drink.
>>Ooooh cooool! Sign me up!<<

Would "coooold" be a a better word than "cooool" ?

The possibilities are endless: Ice Tea; Frosties from Wendy's; Slurpees from 7-11; et cetera, et cetera and so forth.

Will there be Hichen's in the lifeboats ?
What a load of drivel! Of course I have not taste so you'd probably find me there in coat and tails plus hat enjoying the show! Hey Jason S. Wanna share a boat?

I'm also gonna cry out during the Movie "I wanted a Life Jacket not a Strait Jacket!" For kicks of course because not only do I not have any taste but am loopy to boot!
Don't worry folks, it was just a movie. No need to give it any more thought than that...

*eye roll*

There's something about this... I'm enough of a nutter to sometimes try very hard to imagine what that night was for people. I even once soaked my clothing and went outside in 27 degree weather to see just how cold I felt (answer: very.) And I feel weird about such things, but I am not at all trying to make light of anything. Only trying to KNOW (which in its self is a dubious thing, this intense interest...) and to understand what I will never understand... I just don't think the people who put on this event were quite thinking of it in the same way. It really happened, it's not a damned joke. You shouldn't pretend that the story started and ended with Hollywood.
>>I even once soaked my clothing and went outside in 27 degree weather to see just how cold I felt (answer: very.) <<

Look on the bright side, if you stay out there long enough, by the time you thaw out, you'll be younger then your great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great- grandchildren!

You always wanted to see what the 26th century would be like, didn't you?