IIP April 2017 Iceberg Charts

It looks pretty quiet along Titanic course line. She wouldn’t have any problem, would she?



Did the SS Niagara steam through the ice flow on April 10th 1912? Here is a news report shortly after news of Titanic's sinking became public.



Wonder if this "thick mist" was a local event or an effect created by the ice field, and was this seen by Titanic's lookouts? Surprised this occurred 4 days before the Titanic sank and yet no warning was given or attempt was made to survey the area and report to all traffic the precise location of the ice. My first thought would be to charter a number of vessels and place them on each side of the ice field to warn passing ships of their presence, similar to lightships at night. Perhaps this was already in minds of the Californian crew when they believed the rockets were coming from a vessel that was simply patrolling the area and trying to warn others about the presence of ice. Without knowing the Titanic was sinking, this idea would probably seem a rational thing to believe. Was Captain Lord aware there was no ice patrol, perhaps he believed there was.


Rob Lawes

Service messages between ships were a low priority before the Titanic sank. As witnessed by the infamous 'shut up' response to the Californian, the priority was making money from passenger traffic.

SOLAS measures would improve over the coming decades but the sort of thinking that you are talking about Aaron, didn't exist in 1912.
Aaron, on the Newfoundland Grand Banks, one of the harshest maritime environments you can find, where two major ocean current meet over an ocean floor that goes from 70m to the abyss, «any» meteorological phenomenon can happen when you least expect it. From dead calm to hurricane ... from clear to dense green fog ... from cool to dead freezing, etc. :eek:
It was said that the 1912 Iceberg coverage was exceptional. Even in 2017, I would not suggest to follow Titanic track at 21 ½ knots. Climate change?


Mass spotted from the nest by the use of high powered binoculars. 'Ding! ding! ding!'

Nest to the bridge: "Iceberg dead ahead!"
Bridge to the nest: "It's a plastic bag, mate. Put those glasses down and look with your own two eyes."
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