Im looking for informations about the Swiss passengers on the Titanic


Nadia Zünd

Hi all!
I`m a swiss girl and I`m writing now a work about the "Titanic" and it would be wonderful if I could do an interview with someone who knew a Swiss passenger on the Titanic! So, if you are a acquaintance or related to a swiss passenger or know someone who is related to anyone of the swiss passenger, please write me, if you can help me to

Thank you very much!

For information: There were 17 Passenger on the Titanic who have lived in Switzerland before they died or went to America! ( Bertha Lehmann, Lotzwil; Max Stähelin, Basel; Josef and Josefine Arnold-Franchi, Altdorf; Hedwig Margaritha Fröhlicher, Zürich; Maximilian Josef and Margaretha Fröhlicher-Stehli, Zürich; Aloisia Haas, Altdorf; Anton and Luise and Luise-Gretchen Kink-Heilmann, Zürich; Maria and Vinzenz Kink, Zürich; Alfons Simonius Blumer, Basel; Charles Duane Williams and Richard Norris Williams, Genf; Albert Wirz, Uster )

Love, Nadia
hi there! i am pretty sure that my great - great aunty was on the titanic. She was born in Germany, and im working on my family tree at the moment and we know my mums - mums name and maiden name, but do not know my great great aunty's name, i am pretty sure that she was Maria Kink, but not 100%. I hope this is helpful. by the way, i live in Australia