In search of steerage photographs

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Clare Gaynor

I am a history teacher who is looking for some pictures/photos of the interior of the Titanic. The main focus of the scheme of work I have been asked to do over the summer break is social class on board the Titanic and whether it reflected the ideas/beliefs of the Edwardian period. I have a few photos of the First class, but I really need some photos of steerage so that I can get children to do a compare and contrast exercise using the photos as contemporary evidence.

If anyone could suggest possible books to buy or websites where I could 'copy and paste' then I would really appreciate it.



Brandon Ralph Whited

Hello Clare,

A few books that own that I would recommend for their steerage photographs and information are:

Robert D. Ballard: "The Discovery of the Titanic" (1987)

Don Lynch/Ken Marschall: "Titanic: An Illustrated History" (1992)

Brewster/Coulter: "882 1/2 Amazing Answers to your Questions about the Titanic" (1998)

While none of these books contain many photos of steerage areas, they are a very good start. There are many websites that contain pics of the areas you wish to examine; try typing in "third class" in the Search Titanic Sites Worldwide engine box.


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