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Trent Pheifer

I just saw a show on the history channel. It was the series, IN Search of. It was about the Titanic. It was so interesting to me. It must have been produced between 1981-1985. Leonard Nemoy was the host. They told aboutthe Jack Grimm expedition. It was fasinating to me because, as long as I have been alive the Titanic has been found. It was great to see a documentary from before the wreck was discovered.


Richard K. Mason

Hello Trent;

I don't know if you still post here or not but, you have the name of the thread already listed, so I won't re-start it.

I got very lucky this morning and caught the program you describe above on the History Channel. I'd seen it about 9 years ago but didn't tape it then. Today, I DID tape it!

I thought it was very interesting as well, but my curiosity is tweeked by the fact that several scenes of the ship sailing along and then later sinking seemed to me to be out-takes from "A Night To Remember". As I recall, the actual movie did not show the ship sticking out of the water for an extended period of time like this special did. Wonder where they got these out-takes? Also, in light of what we now know, it's interesting to view this kind of then-speculative stuff from Peter Padfield, Louis Gorman,

Maybe the "Great Shelly D." can tell us more about this special. {She seems to know everything else, why not this as well?}

Take Care,
May 8, 2001
>>>as long as I have been alive the Titanic has been found.<<<
You have depressed a mighty big number of people today.......
I am going to eat some more chocolate...
Mar 18, 2000
I happened to catch a part of that show too. I picked up it's age right away - it showed Charles Haas with dark hair! And Nimoy looked relatively young too.

Pass me some chocolate too, Colleen.
Jul 9, 2000
Easley South Carolina
So what's wrong with old age? Let me do my own inventory.

My back; Bad
My hair: Greying
My knees; Bad
Eyes; Getting worse
Energy; Rather low

In sum, everthing I want stiff is limp and everything I want limp is stiff, and I need glasses constantly if I actually want to see what I'm trying to read.

Still, it beats attracting vultures.
May 8, 2001
I'll send you some chocolate too.

Ryan Thompson

Dec 6, 2005
Question: Was that In Search Of that featured the woman survivor being interviewed, she mentioned "I'm probably the last survivor who remembers"? Whatever the show was, I think it was from the mid or early-80s. I specifically remember her saying this. She was British. I don't remember her name. She wasn't Millvina Dean, since she was an infant at the time of the disaster, and I don't recall reading that she remembers anything from it.
Jul 12, 2005
Bill Tantum of THS worked on a documentary called "When Havoc Struck" and showed the program at an officer's meeting of THS. He had outtakes from "A Night to Remember" that showed scenes that were not in the feature film. Bill said outtakes were cheaper to obtain than footage used in the actual movie. Perhaps "In Search Of" used the same outtakes because I believe THS was involved in this program, too. Robert H. Gibbons
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