Info about passengers of the spanish ship Principe das Asturias

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Roberto Tumminelli

Hi all,

I need info about passengers list of this spanish ship Principe das Asturias , that shipwrecked at the brazilian coast in March, 06, 1916.

Its shipowner was Pinillos, Isquerdo & Co.

About 500 people died in this accident.

I'm looking for info about 1st class passengers.

Any info will be welcome.

Thank you all


Jim Kalafus

Dec 3, 2000
Roberto- I checked for you, and the US press coverage of that disaster was minimal. A while back some photos of her were available for sale on eBay, which are about the only original items I have seen from her.

I have a suggestion for you- contact the research departments, via email, of the main libraries in the cities where her voyage began and would have ended, and also in whichever cities the survivors were taken to, and ask them if they have the original newspapers on file or on microfilm. If they have been transferred to microfilm you should have no trouble getting copies made and, as frequently happens, if the librarian doing the search for you gets interested in the topic you might end up with additional information you did not expect to find.

You might also check to see if your government has any records on file concerning whatever investigation occurred after the wreck, as there is almost always detailed information concerning the first class passengers in such things. Try with the state or government library first- sometimes one email request is all it takes to get the process started, providing the archivist or librarian on the receiving end finds the story interesting enough to look into.

Sorry I could not give you any specifics.
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