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marylene grant

hi, I'm new here & I was wondering if i could get some info about whether there were any passengers on board from philly called Mary & Charles (don't know their last names. If thi is too wide a search area just let me know & i will try to narrow it somehow. Not sure how this site works yet but thank you for being here, i find it all very intriguing.
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Dave Gittins

Mar 16, 2000
Have a look at the search facility on the Encyclopedia Titanica home page. With patience you'll get an answer. Thanks to Phil Hinds and the contributors, this is far and away the best source of information the passengers and includes the given names of the women passengers who elsewhere are identified only by their husbands' names.

Christine Geyer

Dear Marylene,

welcome to the ET-board. If it's possible at all to find the information you search for then it's here where you get it ! You can use the searching machine at the main site for names, places and everything else. Then simply follow the links. You can as well get directly to the passenger lists of first, second and third class by simply clicking on them.

As for Mary and Charles there was a couple Mr Charles Joseph Shorney and his wife Mary Anne Naughton, who were third-class passengers. Tip in their names and read their biography, there's even a photograph to be seen.

Hope this helps a little.

Many regards

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