Information on Dagmar Bryhl or Ingvar Enander


Deborah J. Hanson

I am looking for any information or contacts for Dagmar Bryhl (Ingeborg), Kurt Arnold Gottfrid Bryhl or Ingvar Enander all 2nd class passengers. One article states Dagmar married a teacher, Eric Holmberg and settled in Kungsalv; while another article states she married Uno Aberg, an engineer, who was employed by the Nobel brothers. Uno worked in Baku, Russia in the oil industry and they had to flee on short notice in 1917 leaving everything behind because of the Russian revolution. My grandmother and her sisters use to correspond with relatives in Sweden but they are all deceased and the rest of our family has lost contact. If anyone has any more information I would appreciate learning what you might know. Thanks

Arne Mjåland

I have the obituary about Dagmar Bryhl from Kungalv Posten, Sweden. At the time of her death her surname was Holmberg. He was a teacher. It seems that he survived her. There was no Uno Åberg mentioned in the obituary.
I have quiet many obituaries (about 150) about surviving Titanic passengers. Also I have some about those who perished in the disaster. May be I have the one you are looking for? Please let me know.