Information on marital status

Hi everyone!
I'm looking for some information on the marital status of some crew members. I know I can find some of them on the ET biographies but I'd like what is the original source of these information.
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Depends Justine on who precisely what name and information you are looking for??

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Hi Justine

The census returns indicate the marital status - the latest available is the 1911, which can now be accessed on line. Given that the crew member was married, a record of the marriage can also be traced on-line which would provide references to enable a copy of the marriage certificate to be ordered. There is a charge for accessing these sites and for the certificates. There is a free index of births, marriages and deaths.
Thanks for your help Ernie. Actually I wasn't looking for someone in particular; I was looking at some of the stewardesses' biographies and wondering from where the information on marital status in it came.
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