Inger's Travels

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Well, Inger, like we both said in the ticket hall at Charing Cross underground on that sunny but wintry Sunday afternoon in London, it may be many months before we meet up again. I really hope you can make it to Southampton next year. Have a great time in Ireland, New York and L.A. and I hope everything goes to plan in Oz. Look forward to seeing you again soon mate.



Paul Lee

Hear hear. I'm looking forward to seeing you "dead ahead" at some point...just ring the bell three times!

And to quote a song: "I don't know who you are, but you're a real dead Inger for love"

Paul xxxx
Nothing like seeing the widely-respected Lowe biographer being spun almost to the point of nausea in the teacups in Fantasyland by the preeminent authority on steamship artefacts to shake one's trust in the sobriety of those at the forefront of Titanic research.

And we have pictures!

Yes, pictures. I've got lots of pictures.

I think my favorite is poor Inger being dragged kicking and screaming onto It's a Small World. Ah, the memories....


Mark Baber

And all that after she had to endure 50 to 70 mph winds at the Battery and on the Staten Island Ferry last Thursday.

I've got pictures, too, but haven't yet formulated my blackmail demand, so I can't say whether they'll ever see the light of day.

I literally dumped a whole mug of coffee into my new computer, so I have been without internet for almost a week. Needless to say, all the contact information was inside, and this happened a day before THE K.E.Y. day that I was supposed to go to Disneyland...

Inger... N.E.X.T. TIME!!!!!

Inger Sheil

Lol! I can't believe you lot actually started a thread on the odyssey! John, I'm so sorry I didn't get myself organised enough to sort something out about meeting up with you and some other old matters turned out, I didn't have the internet access I'd hoped, and couldn't sort out a meeting in time. Colleen, you're another I'm so sorry I missed, along with Mike H and a few others. Next time - either in LA, or in Southampton!

Fortunately, even if the mountain didn't quite come to Mahommet, a crew of mates did make the trek out to Disneyland at *very* short notice (and how difficult was it to get them to go there...not!). Don't know if the Blue Bayou has ever heard such a racy, informative lunchtime conversation...perhaps that's why the waitress couldn't keep ahold of the plates!

From Paul, Boz, Gavin and Patrick in London, to Senan Molony and his family in Dublin, to MAB, Ro and the Winship family in NY and Eric, Bill and Parks in wasn't meant to be a Titanic Trek, but my travelling companion Jill thought you were all superb. She's gone so far as to say that all of you 'made' the trip. I wouldn't have thought London, Dublin, NY or Disneyland in their natural state could be improved upon, but having all of you there, for welcomes, farewells, and mucking about town proved me all made what would have been a great trip even better.

Photos will be just sorry I didn't get a chance to shoot MAB unphased in the midst of cyclone winds, as the camera would have been whipped out of my hands. And Eric...I should have guessed the reason you gave for not getting in the tea cups was just an excuse to situation yourself to get good shots of Bill spinning the thing nearly off its hinges. And it's safe now to tell me about 'California Screamin'.'

Just as important as the fun was the input and the touching base on various projects now afoot - all done with laughter but with some seriously interesting ideas and data being tossed around. Am so glad I had a chance to run the images by you lot, as you identified important elements that I wasn't aware of.

Now to bond with the family and hope the wind stops so I can enjoy some serious beachtime before I get back to the serious stuff...

Thanks to everyone for being so generous in so many ways. And particularly to the goldenhearted Ro - she knows for what and why!
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