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Well, it's been bandied about here and there about wanting to see a flick made of the American (and possibly British) Inquiries. I'm interested in finding out opinions from y'all on this hypothetical film.

Who would be in your ideal cast? What scene(s) and character(s) would you want to see the most? And of course, since every film these days apparently must have a romance, who would be the love interest? :)
I'll be the wet blanket. I don't see how such a film could be made. I know both inquiries well, and they both lack the elements of good drama. The main facts of the case were known already: the excessive speed, the lack of boats and the general confusion. There's no dramatic point at which either inquiry gives us a sudden insight into why it all happened. The Senate inquiry is garrulous and Mersey's court is tedious. They are not the stuff of movies, especially profitable ones.

Maybe something could be done on the lines of Wyn Craig Wade's book, in which we flit between the Senate inquiry and scenes from the wreck. If it's ever made, I want to play Sir Robert Finlay, as I'm about the right age, height and shape.

As for romance, try Sir Rufus Isaacs and Money. That was a life-long love affair.
I'm not saying that such a movie can and/or will be made. Hence my clear use of the word "hypothetical" in the above post. I don't take the idea at all seriously: my asking is based solely on the idea of having a bit of fun kicking the idea around. And since it's cropped up a little now and again, it seems there's interest in doing so.

Sure, probably only Titanophiles would watch it, but isn't that the group on this board? Thus if we'd watch it, there's no harm in our discussing the not-very-possible scenario of a movie. All in good clean fun, Mr. Gittins.

I'm not much in favor of Wade, personally. He did a decent job of re-examining Lowe's heroism, though Wade makes him come across as a constantly cocky, insolent piece of work, which he apparently was not. Lightoller got completely panned, and though I think the movie "ANTR" was perhaps a little too kind to Lights, Wade swung the pendulum much too far in the other direction. Moody isn't even mentioned except as "Officer".

Anyhow, I only meant it lightly, not as any serious consideration, so what's the harm in discussing an unprofitable, not dramatically correct movie that'll never be made if folks want to? :)

And money's rather promiscuous: has many a flirtation and love affair...
I think a film about the American Inquiry that centers on Senator Smith would have potential because if you cast a heroic familiar actor as Smith the reformer you've got the makings of good drama. For purposes of dramatization, some facts that came out in the British Inquiry could be placed within the context of the American Inquiry. If it culminates with Senator Smith's speech to the Senate calling for necessary reforms that were adopted, and also show the obstacles Smith operated under getting denounced for being an ignoramus about maritime matters, then the makings of good drama are there.
I like the idea of making a film like this with flashback scenes of the actual event. I dont beleive a film like this will ever be made but it would be interesting to see.
Here's an idea I have been toying with for years. Make a Titanic movie without the Titanic! Feature David Sarnoff getting the faint wireless calls in New York. Have it be a suspense movie with the first the news that the Titanic didn't sink and was being towed to Halifax. Show the train load of family members head toward Halifax, only to be flagged down when the news reached New York that the ship sank. Feature the New York Times coverage, the reporter that got aboard the Carpathia to interview Harold Bride, the crowds at the dock, Katherine Gilnagh going home to find her family having her wake, etc. I even had a title: "A Faint Spark of Hope". Good luck! Robert H. Gibbons
"Feature David Sarnoff getting the faint wireless calls in New York."

Not if you are interested in an accurate story. David Sarnoff was fast asleep when the distress signals were sent. He later did some work trying to get signals from Carpathia, well after the sinking.

His publicity machine later greatly exaggerated his role and Sarnoff played along.

There are certainly plenty of odd human interest stories in the part of the tale you mention. Lawrence Beesley had the odd experience of reading his own obituaries. On the other hand, quite a number of those reported dead turned up alive in New York. One of the strangest things was a newspaper report that confused Rhoda Abbott with Leontine Aubart. Talk about chalk and cheese!

You idea is certainly novel and sure beats Jack and Rose.
If this was made I'd just love to see the whole Senator Smith/Harold Lowe thing - from reading WCW's book (several times lol - despite its flaws) it could be a very humorous part of a film that could otherwise be a bit on the too sad side. Okay, maybe Lowe wasn't all that cocky, but he still had great wit by the sound of things and that would be interesting to see.

I'm completely in the camp for having this film :D
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