Inquiry of the disaster

Hello, the Inquiry of the Empress is at Ottawa, Archives of Parliament and it left only one copy (paper) which is described as being badly damage (in 1921 there was a fire in the Parliament) and you only could read it there. I wrote to them and was ready to get it there (1hr 1/2 from my place) but someone was kind enough to send it to me on PDF. So if you want a copy, just leave me your email address and I'll send you one. And by the way, the Titanic Project Inquiry is interested in publishing those to allow the world to have access to it before it disappears for good... When I'll be done with the copying of it! I'm just beginning and it will take months to do so. But the process could be shorter if someone here would be enough kind to read my copy over to ensure there's no typing errors, or if 2 sentences has not been mixed-up by lack of concentration or things like that. It would be so appreciated if someone could voluntary for that. It is 650 pages, so keep it in mind before accepting the job, please : I prefer to keep the same person all along the way until the end. Could be better. Just let me know if interested. I'm working on Microsoft Word. Thanks!