Insert lines from other films into Cameron's Titanic

Just a little game I thought of. Insert dialogue from other films into JC's "Titanic". Here are mine:

(In the car, after Rose slams her hand onto the window):
Rose: "I said goddamn what a rush!"

(Rose and Jack burst through a door onto the main deck afterwards, just before iceberg appears)
Rose: "When the ship dock, I'm getting off with you"
Jack (turns to face the camera): "This is Jack Dawson here on the greatest ship ever built. Right now, I'm so happy I could DIE!!!"

(Rose runs into Jack after jumping back on to the Titanic)
Jack: "Rose, you're out of your mind...
Rose: "Yeah! Ain't it cool?"
I guess, at some point, dear lovely Cal may say to Rose, "frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn." Because he sure as hell didn't! There are several scenes in the movie where this line may fit quite well...
"Hello, everyone. This... is... Mrs.... Jack Dawson." (Judy Garland, "A Star Is Born)

"Are we sinking or is it just the hash?" (Lily Tomlin)

During Renault scene, overdubs of Rose saying over and over, "You LIKE me, you REALLY LIKE me!" (Sally Field)
I can also imagine: Rose to Jack, or vise versa:
"Take me to bed, or lose me forever"!! (Meg Ryan's line from "TOP GUN").

Another possibility: Perhaps Jack to Cal:
"I know they had to scrape the bottom of the barrel. Where did they scrap you up?" (Henry Fonda to James Cagney, in "MISTER ROBERTS").
Katherine Hepburn transported from the tiller of The African Queen to that of lifeboat 8 as the Countess of Rothes:

"I steered rather well for a beginner, didn't I?"
"Not so bad, Miss, considerin'. But that wasn't such bad water - nothin' compared to what's farther on."
"I can hardly wait! Now that I've had a taste of it, I don't wonder you love boating!"
Eleanor Parker as the Baroness in the Sound of Music as Ruth Bukater to Rose
" There's a charming institution called... boarding school. "
From the Poseidon Adventure's Reverend Scott:
"You pompous ass!" - Jack to Ruth in reply to her 'rootless existence' sneer.

From The Sixth Sense:
"I see dead people...all the time" - Lowe in the returning lifeboat.

From Truly, Madly, Deeply - Alan Rickman's ghost talking to his love Juliet Stevenson:
"Thank you for missing me" - Jack to Rose in Titanic 'Heaven' at the top of the Grand Staircase.

From The Sound of Music:
"So long! Farewell! Auf wiedersehen! Goodbye!"
Rose to snivelling Ruth when she refuses to get in the boat!.

From Mary Poppins:
"Chim-chimenee-chim-chimenee-chim-chim-cheroo!" - Fabrizio in the water about to be re-shaped by the falling funnel.
From The Empire Strikes Back:

"Jack, I am you father. Come with me and we shall rule world as 'Mr. Evil' and 'runtboy.'"

Cal to Jack, on the boat as LB #2 is lowering, when Cal tells Jack that he always wins.
You've all come up with some great lines you guys. Here are a couple more I came up with:

(Ship hits the iceberg)
Murdoch: "D'oh!"

(After the collision)
Smith: "Is there anything that will stop this ship going down?"
Andrews: "Yeah, the bottom of the ocean".