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Hi, I have been looking everywhere for interior photos of various rooms from early cunarders. I would like to see anything from staircases, to public rooms anything like that. I have been searching for a very long time and not found very many photos.

Thanks Alot!
How early? There is an excellent book, Palaces That Went To Sea, (John Townsend Gibbons) you might be able to find used, that has hundreds of interior photos (admittedly of varying quality- most of them are lifted straight from brochures rather than from prints or negatives)and covers Cunard very well from Campania straight through. I think Bill Miller may have done a book about the early Cunard ships, and his books usually have a fair amount of interior views, so you might want to look there as well.
A few suggestions;

Look for the Shipbuilder reprints. Mark Warren issued an excellent series of books reprinting many of the best of them.

Look around eBay a lot. Occasionally you'll find a 'misfiled' brochure that doesn't get bid sky-high.

If you are on a limited budget, the books of Bill Miller are a good choice- good photo reproduction and, in most cases, an effort made not to present the same old shots.

If you are NOT on a limited budget, you can order good quality prints from many of the photo archives, particualrly on the more common or long lived ships- Mauretania and Caronia for instance.

Look at

To see what they have available for sale.
Thanks very much Jim, I was wondering where I could get a copy of palaces that went to sea, I couldnt find it on ebay or amazon.

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