Interior stored in Belfast during WW1

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Hey, I've just read through some of the posts about Britannic; I know that most of the interior of the ship was taken out (or simply never installed) because of the ship being turned into a hospital ship. One of the posts said that the ships fine interior was stored at H&W during the war. What did White Star Line do now? they had interior enough for one of the world's largest liners but sadly the liner it was meant to serve sunk? what happened to all the beautiful things?

and another thing; H&W still excists to this day, right? how much do they have left of from the time of the three olympic ships? i know they've offered blue prints for cameron's film and so on.. but how much do they actually have ?
I don't know about the Britannic interior though I assume it would have been reused at some point in other ships.

Yes H & W still exists, one current project is building wind turbines for an off shore wind farm. As to how much they still have from the period the plans for all their ships are housed in the vast archives along with masses of photographs.
Unfortunatly the shipyard that the ships where built in is more or less gone. The Arrol gangtry was removed in the sixties I think. The dry docks are still in place and functional and there are three steam cranes from the period slowly rusting away in the yards.
Most of the woodwork was auctioned off after WWI, and I am sure the stuff that would have been usuable on Olympic was retained for when Olympic needed refurbishing after the war.

As for the HandW archives, I beleive what was left of them ended up in the hands of the UFTM.

You're right, some of the furninishings that were needed after the war were fitted on the Olympic. I don't know about paneling iteself, but various articles of furniture like beds, dressing tables etc were used on Olympic. Whatever didn't sink with the Britannic and was not used on Olympic was auctioned off 1919 (I think - I'm going from memory here).


I have a question.

As the Britannic was requisitioned for war duty before she was fitted out, were any of the interiors finished but not installed?
If there were, what ever happened to them?



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