Interment Of Victims

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Apr 24, 2002
Have found the following details on internments:

Monday 10th May:

100 persons buried in Old Church Cemetery. In grave A 12 persons, in grave B 11 persons, in grave C,mostly women & children- grave C filled in & sealed.
Private graves recieved 7 persons

Wednesday 12th May

Body of Miss Ella Woods Lawrence is buried in a private grave

Thursday 13th May

15 bodies are laid to rest. 9 are women and children 6 are men.
2 in grave A, 10 in grave B, 3 in private graves

Friday 14th May
8 bodies are buried, 2 in grave A, 6 in grave B

Saturday 15th May

Bodies of 9 victims were buried among them Mrs Annie Palmer & 2 sons, Grave A 1 burial, grave B 8 internments

Sunday 16th May

10 burials took place. grave B, 6: private graves 4

Monday 17th May

Bodies of 8 people were interred.grave A- 2 crew, grave B 3, private graves 3

Tuesday 18th May

4 bodies were buried, Grave A 1: grave b 3

Wednesday 19th May

2 burials, 1 grave B, 1 private grave.

Thursday 20th May

grave B, 1 unidentified crew member

Friday 21st May

grave B, 1unidentified female passenger.

Saturday 22nd May

body of Seaman Quirk in grave B, grave B closed.

Monday 24th May

Grave A, 2 adult males buried and the grave was sealed.

Tuesday 25th May,

private graves 3,1 was infant Marjorie Pye(18mths old)another was American Charles H Stevens, 3rd unknown at this time.

Wednesday 16th June

Final burial in private grave: Alfred Scott Witherbee aged 4

Hope this is of interest

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