Ioan Gruffudd David Warner etc

I have been watching the repeats of the TV series Hornblower on British TV, and it struck me that the recently-shown two-part episode may be of interest to ET members insofar as it starred two Titanic actors — Ioan Gruffudd as Horatio Hornblower and David Warner as “mad” Captain Sawyer. I wondered if this series has been shown in the USA?
It's been shown here in Canada, as well. I also caught it on A&E and another local tv station.

I've enjoyed watching it, when I've been able to catch it.
It was quite popular here in Oz as well - I think it's been repeated a few times. I remember one of the first things I saw out the window of my hotel room when I arrived in Hollywood a few years back was a vast billboard advertising the new Hornblower series.

Ioan Gruffudd is absolutely charming - he was exquisitely polite to a bevy of middle aged and older fans who followed him around on one of his visits to Sydney. He won me over completely when he was first signed on to narrate the Lowe documentary. A friend also working on the doco arranged for him to write a postcard to me that featured him in his Hornblower costume - and he managed to spell my name correctly. I suppose the variations he sees on the spelling of his own name outside Wales has made him sensitive to the issue!
I have never seen the episode with David Warner in it. The last one I saw was the Episode with Betsy Patterson Bonaparte and her runway husband Jerome Napoleon's feckless younger brother.

As for Ioan Gruffudd I feel for him. My Grandmother did a double take when I said that Mr. Gruffudd was Welsh and the English form of his name was John Griffith. She and her friends who were with us all thought he was off Russian descent.
Although all of them love Horatio Hornblower
The original plan as I understand it was to do all of the Hornblower books with Ioan, then A&E backed out; too expensive-will they ever learn that quality costs, and not all of us like "reality" shows and pro sports with big $ advertising?
I think the two-part episode with David Warner was called "Mutiny". It also starred Philip Glenister, who has recently achieved a degree of fame as the strictly non-PC policeman DCI "Gene Hunt" in the TV series "Life on Mars".
Thank you Stanley for that information. I can never remember Characters names or episode names but I always remember the plot for sure.

Will- I figured that was the reason A&E wasn't putting out any more Hornblower Movie-Episodes. Cheap little ______.
I guess we'll get more crap unless the History Channel decides to make some more although their also doing reality Shows as well. Save us from Reality Shows.

Save us from Reality Shows.

Yes, save us indeed. If I see one more premiere of another stupid reality show, I'll go mad. There are way too many of them on tv now; it's ridiculous.

It's a shame that the networks can't produce more quality programs such as Hornblower, but money talks.​
The David Warner episode was called Retribution in the UK, but for American audiences names are sometimes changed if the word is thought to be unfamiliar.
The David Warner episode was a two-parter, the first (Episode 5 in the Hornblower series) being entitled "Mutiny", while as Bob Godfrey has pointed out, the second part (Episode 6) was called "Retribution". I understand that Ioan Gruffudd was hoping to appear in a big-screen version of Hornblower - that should be interesting!
Speaking of Ioan Gruffudd, he also did an exceptional job (IMO) as William Wilberforce in the movie Amazing Grace! I was thinking as I was watching AG - that I had seen him somewhere before and then realized it was in James Camerons Titanic! (I had to go back and look to make sure!) He has come a long way too! - Beth