Is anyone going to do anything special this april in memory of the Titanic

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Daniel Harris

I would like to here some ideas of what someone is going to do This April in memory of the Titanic and the passengers.
I don't have any specific plans. I suspect by the time the taxman cleans me out, traveling anywhere will be ruled out as well. Being that it'll be a Sunday, I'll probably pop into the Greatships chat.

Michael H. Standart

Addison Hart

I'll be doing what I do every year...posting my chronology. I'm not sure what else there is to do. Being in IL there isn't much Titanic related to see, much to my chagrin.

God bless,

Kathy A. Miles

I don't plan to travel anywhere, but I do write a weekly science newspaper column and every year I write something related to Titanic. I also pick that time of year to read a Titanic book I haven't read in awhile. What I want to do in the future, when money allows, is put together some nice stuff and do a display/talk at the local library. I think it's important to interest new people.
Ill be putting flowers on the grave of victim Francis Millet, who is buried near Boston. The graves of May Futrelle, Marjorie Newell robb, Arthur Newell, some of the Asplunds, and others are buried nearby too...But Ill be going to Millets's grave first...


Tarn Stephanos
Boston MA
Tarn- Am so glad you will be remembering the Newells- Mount Auburn is such a beautiful cemetery. So many famous people buried there including Charles Dana Gibson,, Irene Langhorne, Mary Baker Eddy, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Amy Lowell, Edwin Booth (actor brother to John Wilkes), Longfellow, and many others.
This is the Newell plot and stone. This visit with Marjorie was in 1988.
I will be taking daffodils out to Marshall Drew's grave and to the memorial stone of his Uncle Jim and Aunt Lu. Marshall is in Riverbend, Westerly, R.I.- rght on the Pawcatuck River. Many of his father and uncle's stone carvings are in this cemetery-along with Marshall's mother's family (Brines)stones. Lu and Jim are buried closer still, in Ashaway( on the CT-RI stateline)- Uncle Jim's memorial stone( body never reclaimed from the sea) was carved by his brother. The lily and rose motif was his trademark.
Hi, all!

I'm giving a program on the Titanic, using materials from Jeff Newman's collection, for the Mount Tabor Historical Society on April 11th. In past years, the TML chat has done a re-enactment of the sinking, although it has not been mentioned this year yet.

Pat W.
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