Is it possible to contact the children

D. M. Pogue

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I know that this was an odd subject, and I know that not may people will reply, if any. But, I am doing heavy research, and I was thinking that it might be possible to contact people who knew some of the people, like Mr. Ismay's son perhaps, or Mr. Astor's son that was born exactly three months after the collision, maybe he can tell something about his mother, or what she might have told him about his father. It would be interesting, and would also help to understand the attitude of these people. What they thought everyday after the sinking, if they ever talked about it or avoided the subject whenever someone asked. I just would like to know, so if you know anything about how to get in touch with any of these people, post, or even if you have an opinion of the matter, post. Um, thanks.

Don Tweed

I do not know about all that you are asking, but I do know that David Haisman is on the board.
He is the son of Edith Haisman, a survivor.
I am sure he would be glad to share any knowledge and recolections he has on our favorite subject.
D.M.--All of the Ismay children are dead as is John Astor. Ismay has grandchildren in England and in Texas but I doubt you'd get much response from them. Some of Madeleine Astor's grandchildren by William K. Dick have an interest in Titanic but John Astor's daughter and son do not.

As for others, it is hit and miss. Some are extremely willing to correspond and some want nothing to do with the subject. The best advice is to just give it a try if you locate them.

Phil Gowan