Is there a way


Matthew Newman

I feel about as nervous about asking this as I would at a job interview.

Is there...any way...that I could one day join an expedition to the Titanic site? I don't want to dive to her, I just want to be at the spot where she went down to give my respects.

BEFORE YOU HANG UP: I'm from Texas and have done my share of hard labor. I'd settle for scrubbing the decks, cleaning up after the experts, scrubbing toilets, just ANYTHING (charge free just for the opportunity to get out to there). I'd work my ass off and be willing to do the dirtiest jobs just to be able to say that I have been to the actual spot where the majestic ship went down. All I would ask I return is a chance to see first hand what has been discovered, if they'll allow me that chance.

It's always been my dream to go to the site of the Titanic tragedy. I would make a good ship hand. Hard work is no problem for me. I'm from Texas, grew up on a farm where we dug fenceposts on a daily basis. I'd settle for just being a shiphand if I could only have an opportunity to join one of these expeditions.

I'm uneducated, other than a HS diploma, but I really think I could be of help. Can someone point me in the right direction to be able to join an expedition. I'll grease, lift heavy objects, fight the rough waters of the North Atlantic, and not ask a dime, just so I can visit a spot that I've wanted to visit all my life.

Can someone help me or at least point me in the right direction for me to build a career that will allow me to go to that section of the North Atlantic so I can pay my respects AND contribute everything I have to help bring more knowledge of Titanic to light? I would forever be greatful. I'm also a student photographer and would love the opportunity to take some good shots of teh crew and what they've uncovered.

Those of you who have known me here long enough know that I have a very deep passion for Titanic and her research.

I guess, for lack of a better phrase, I'm applying for a job (without pay). I just want to be there and see all this live. Is there no way for a young fellow who wants a future in nautical research without having to have a fancy degree?

Thank all of you for your consideration. I am sincere and will work my @ss off as long as I can contribute just a fraction to Titanic's research.

Thank all of you for at least reading this and I really hope you take me seriously. Because I'm dead serious on this. Just a ship hand or something would be enough. I have no fear of heavy labor.

Thank you!