Is this Boat No. 10?

Ryan Burns


I've spent most of the night researching this, and I'm feeling pretty confident that this is Boat No. 10


Several reasons:

1) Assuming there was a man at the tiller, there are only 5 men in this boat. I've given them each a blue dot. There were around that many men in Boat 10.

2) The man pulling the oar in the top left doesn't appear to be wearing a cap like the other men rowing (all crewmen) and his hair his is jet black. Masabumi Hosono?

3) The child in the pink dot is a tiny, tiny infant. That's 2 month old Millvina Dean held by her mother Eva. I suspect Millvina's 2 year old brother Bertram is bundled up somewhere as well in that group.

4) Wrapped up next to the Dean's and dotted in baby blue is likely 11 month old Barbara West being held by her mother Ada. The child in the yellow dot facing the camera is likely Ada's other child, 4 and a half year old Constance.

5) The yellow dotted child facing away from the camera may be 8 year old Marshall Brines.

6) Perhaps most importantly, during my investigation, I discovered that only two other lifeboats had multiple babies (2 years old or under) and that was Lifeboats 11 and 15. But Boat 11 had 45 people and 15 men. So there's no way this is 11, and Boat 15 was packed with over 50 people, which this boat clearly isn't.

Thus, this is very, very likely a photograph of Boat 10.

Ryan Burns

Boat 16 is only listed as having 1 child, 5 month old As'ad Tannus. This photo shows, without question, at least 3 children in the boat, including 2 babies. How could this possibly be 16?

Also, the more I look at it, I think that this red dot must also be a child. It looks to be leaning for support on the shoulder of the woman next to it. You can also see what look to be a smaller pair of legs in dark trousers. This seems to be a perfect fit for 8 year old Marshall Brines.

You can not go with the "list" as they are not correct. How can you put name on people you can not see even their faces? (Also it is only one baby in the photo.)

Boat No. 10 had more than 30 people in it and arrived together with boat No. 12 at Carpathia (No. 10 had made fast to No. 12 and separated with it during they way towards the Carpathia). By that time the collapsible boat (seen it the pic above on the right side of the picture) had been cast adrift.

Ryan Burns

These women both appear to be cradling babies, one very tiny and one slightly bigger.


I understand that the lists are somewhat flawed, but would that not be a hell of a coincidence that there appears to be multiple children who all appear to be roughly the same age as those listed in Boat 10?

What about this photograph makes it Boat 16?


Looks like one of the survivors is wearing a top hat and possibly a wing collar tie.

Did any boats contain a well dressed 1st class gentleman?



Ryan Burns

It's hard to tell the actual outline of that hat aside from the brim. It's possible it could be a top hat, but it could just as easily be a female's hat like the women holding the babies are wearing.
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Hi, I am new here and not that technologically advanced. I purchased the Ogden album and other artifacts and am trying to identify thboats in these photos, I guess reprints made by Ogden from the original negatives



Screen Shot 2016-09-29 at 12.41.21 PM.png

Ryan Burns


Having learned that 10 carried a lot of the passengers who were originally in 14, there's no way the boat pictured is 10. Judging by the approximate number of people pictured and the fact that most of the women in the photo seem to have a bit of a third class vibe to them (with the headscarfs), it seems logical to conclude that this is 16.

So ya, major egg on my face.
I got the book Iaonnis, and thanks. Could this be 10 as attributed on page 149??

Thanks for that image! This one is new for me. I would need to have a look, it is a bid difficult to make out details, however it looks very close to a very retouched image from a similar angle showing collapsible D (which did not made it into the book).