Is this the Olympic or Titanic

Nigel Bryant

Aug 1, 2010
Wellington, New Zealand
Dear Jeremy,

That vessel is the R.M.S Olympic. From a quick glimpse at the exterior, the major differences in the ships is that on the Olympic, who A-deck promenade was open right across, while Titanic is enclosed at the forward end. Also on B-deck Olympic has a different configuaration of windows, ie most of the windows are all spaced evenly as this was Olympic's equilvent to Titanic's enclosed deck on A-deck. Titanic's B-deck windows are not evenly spaced in formation as her sister ship. Also you can also see in the above picture just under A-deck, aft you can see the B-deck second-class promenade deck. On Olympic this deck was opened for a greater length than Titanic's as hers was slightly shorter to accomondate a french cafe. Olympic would also recieved this after Titanic sank in her next refit in 1913.

Hope this helps, Jeremy.



Jeremy Watson

Thanks a lot!!! Now I can sleep at night!


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