Is this William McMaster Murdoch? I found this photo in a stack of old pictures that I bought.



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Is this a photograph from the Titanic?
No, the deck layout (and the rather thin funnel) is all wrong for the Titanic.

The funnel colour looks a bit too dark for what was known as "White Star buff". It looks more like a Cunard Line or Atlantic Transport Line vessel to me.

With regards the bloke in the picture. I highly doubt that is Murdoch of the Titanic.

The officer has three rings on his cuff - a Chief Officer. That photo would have to pre-date 1911 when Murdoch shaved off his moustache. In the years leading up to his death aboard the Titanic (and when he also had a moustache) Murdoch was progressively third (one ring), second (one ring) and first officer (two rings) on White Star vessels but not a chief.

The moustache also looks too bushy, Murdoch's pre-1911 moustache was rather well trimmed.

It's a lovely picture nonetheless. A nice find.
I don't think so.
It doesn't favor him much, but still a very cool old photo.