Isaac Maynard's account


John O'Malley

Does anyone know if Isaac Maynard ever gave an account of the disaster. I have heard of the legend that he took a baby from Captain Smith's arms, but the only source for this I could find was the article "Shoreham Man Was Titanic Hero", published many years after his death. But according to this site, he was quite popular among the pres at the time for his story. I'm asking because in my opinion, the legend could very likely be true (it was also reported by a few other people on the boat), but only if the baby in question died of exposure on the boat, as no baby is known to have been rescued from collapsible b. However, one source says that Maynard claimed to have carried the baby onto the Carpathia with him. Is this true? Did Maynard ever give a first person account describing this? I'm really curious to know. Thanks to anyone who can be of assistance.
Hey John. I'm skeptical that Maynard could have held the infant while simultaneously holding Charles Joughin's hand for a long while as Joughin testifies. Also none of the occupants of Collapsible B ever mention a baby. It's unlikely that they would fail to mention such an anomaly.
This story was probably the inspiration for the scene in A Night to Remember where the fictional Irish boyos arrive at Collapsible B with a baby, which is handed to Lightoller. In the scene as filmed Lightoller examines the infant, realises that it's dead and places it gently back into the water. In some prints of the film this scene has survived intact, but in most it's been edited so that we see the arrival of the baby but not its departure, a detail that was thought to be too distressing for audiences back in the '50s.
Which is too bad because it's not too distressing nowadays. Especially since Cameron shows a woman holding a baby and both frozen solid.

Maybe we'll get the scene and the alternate ending (without the Ice Patrol titles) either in the print or as extras on a new DVD...and hopefully Blu-Ray.