ISLANDER WRECK Sunken Klondike Gold

An engagingly different sort of RECOVERED GOLD book has recently been released. Sunken Klondike Gold is an account of the sinking and raising of Canadian Pacific's Islander, 1901-1934. The book was written in the 1980s by the expedition's photographer, and recently published thru the efforts of his family.

The Islander was a coastal liner, in the Alaska/Canada/Seattle trade, which sruck an iceberg (maybe- no one who survived saw any ice) and sank in less than twenty minutes. 65 died, and around 90 lived.

The wreck ended up in 350+ feet of water.

It was said that the Islander had a huge gold shipment aboard. So, in 1933, an expedition set out to raise the sunken liner and recover the gold.

The good news was that they DID raise the sunken liner from deep water. And, you can guess what the bad news was.

The recent spate of sunken treasure books have been ponderous reads, so it was a relief that this book was told in a conversational tone and did not run to 400 pages. Leonard Delano, the expedition photographer, saved his journals from the two years of work, and so this is not a speculative reconstruction written 50 years later.

The real stars of the book are the photographs, which have been beautifully reproduced. Of particular interest are the interior views, showing what 33 years under water did to the liner.


I greatly look forward to reading this book. Leonard Delano was a superb photographer and I took copies of many of his photographs with me on the 1996 expedition, where we located the missing bow section of the ship, precisely on the spot Delano had marked on one of his aerial photographs.

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