Ismay's homes


Randy Bryan Bigham

Somebody may have posted this info but I don't think so. Ismay's house (near Liverpool?) is for sale and the following site - - has some great exterior and interior shots and various decriptions, including a short history of the house. If anybody is interested in e-mailing the current owner for info or appointments to see this beautiful Victorian place the address is [email protected].

Hi Randy,
The Ismay home is about ten miles from where I live. You may be interested to know that it is on the same road that Captain Smith lived up until 1907 when he moved to Southampton. The Ismay house is a real beauty and if us boys and girls on this site can club together around £1,000,000
asking price, we can use it as a meeting place. I'm good for the first £1. !!
The house is at the far end of Marine Terrace, Crosby, which is now part of Liverpool. I was inside the house a number of years ago - it really is fabulous. I'm just hoping that a buyer can be found and it doesn't end up as apartments.
Smith's house is now considered somewhat "bijou" which I suppose is a polite term for run down!
Both houses overlook the River Mersey and are supposed to have been built there so that the White Star liners could be seen entering the Mersey from the Irish Sea.


What a great idea about its being headquarters for BTS! Let's find some millionaire somewhere to back it! It's a beautiful place. I do hope whoever really gets it will not rip it apart to - as you say - make it into apartments or "flats." Something awful happened in France not long back when a rich but insensitive fool of a woman bought Mme. du Barry's "Pavillon Louveciennes" and gutted the house, selling everything - or at least attempting to for the authorities were on to her in no time and I believe she is still in prison in Paris. It is a shame so many people with means have no respect for history.

What is the current dollar equivelant to a pound? I could be in for a pound or two depending.

Here's hoping that whoever buys the house will be better than the average American who would "modernize" it right into oblivion.

If I win the lottery should I buy the Titanic deckchair on ebay or the Ismay house?

I vote the house, BTS can't fit on the deck chair although I can see Geoff, George, Pat, Mike Herbold, Shelley, Bill, Erik, Michael and Martin plus all the others trying to fit on it.
Hi to dear friends -- and new ones as well! And compliments and congratulations to Philip on the masterful job he's doing.

Bonnie, I agree with Maureen; the Ismay house is far more practical. You can't store too many books on a deckchair -- besides, they'd fall through the openings. Moreover, the Ismay house would be a lovely site for T2K+1 . . .

Regards to all -- Susan, alias Countess M. :), alias Cape_Race
Where have you been Countess? Thought you tossed you anchor and sailed for parts unknown.
The idea of my attempting to fit on a deckchair with anyone is quite a frightening thought!
First, a grand HELLO to Suze!!! What a lovely surprise to find you here this morning!

Second, I was willing to pledge many pounds toward this Ismay House until I found out that, in England, that's money! As if this isn't confusing enough to some of us illiterate Americans, then I found out they measure weight in 'stones'. Geez, I must weigh a boulder!

Third, in regards to my sitting in this deckchair - if I did, it would look like a decal on the floor.

Best regards,

Now there's a sight to gladden the heart.

Shall we take the Ismay house as a holiday residence, m'dear? Furnish it with original Burne-Jones and Rossetti paintings? From memory, it looks out to the Welsh mountains...sounds good to me.

Have a splendid photo of you and Cook, btw - had one friend who looked at it ask 'is that chap standing on same floor level??'


Wait, now Geoff, you and Pat have to cooperate if this deck chair thing is to go through. Pat, I meant the real estate deal, not through the floor.

So how many stones do we need to get this deal through...I meant see what you've done Pat.

Perhaps we can collect for the house and take a second mortgage on all of our homes to buy the complete 6 piece patio deck chair set and tea service on eBay. They say it is the real thing. Those Resin Chairs Deck Chairs and corning plates are real I tell you!

(what do you mean that corning ware is not made in Corning and was never on the Titanic!?)

Okay, let Inger and Suz buy it and then we can all drop by for visits. if they don;t change the locks.
Okay, what is the status on the house...did we collect enough Geoff to get it...did Inger and Suz buy it...will the 2001 take place there?
Anyone know the status of the home?
Hi Maureen,

As far as I am aware it is still for sale. I dressed in my best clothes and called on the off chance that they would think me a prospective buyer - but they thought I was the new gardener and put me to work! I've raided the kid's loose change jars and come up with almost £12 plus a couple of dollars and Irish Punts. Looks like I'll have to revert to Plan B. Problem is, I haven't thought up Plan B yet!
Hey there Geoff.

Okay, now this is Plan B a little cheaper than A or about the same or much more? Cause when my kids moved out they took their cookie jars, my cookie jar and all pocket change from the love seats in my living room. But I got $1.95 from some guy out on the West Coast for my copy of "something Goliathe"...said he needed it for his mates on some Board. But anyway I can contribute that.

Football has started here. Well, except in Texas of course. (Dallas Cowboys versus Washigton DC Redskins...of course). But is an "Irish Punt" actually worth money...cause the Cowboys need help? I mean we could finance the whole house on the help that the Cowboys will need this year.
(Anonymous...dont tell Pat I said this okay Geoff).
My lips are sealed! This all sounds good to me.
The Irish Punt is worth about 15% more than the Pound Sterling. Oh, stuff the Ismay house - let's all go to Ireland on holiday - the scenery, the people, the Guinness, the sea, the Guinness, the laid back lifestyle, the Guinness.....!