Items with Titanic stamped or etched into them

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How do you tell if an article is a fake? Is there a master list of items that was supplied for the ship? Ive seen a couple posts about not believing an item is authentic because it has Titanic stamped on it, and I agree for the most part. People knew where they were. They would not need to have everything associated with the ship have the name stamped on it, but there had to be alot of unique items that did get stamped. Again how would you determine a fake? Is there someplace or somebody that authenticates these items?

Thanks for any help.
Jul 9, 2000
Easley South Carolina
Steve Santini would be the real expert on a lot of this, but one thing you may want to look into is the provinance of a given artifact. Is there a trail of documentation which goes back to the source? If so, how credible is it? If you can't get a good answer to these questions, look out!

Michael H. Standart

Dan Cherry

Dec 14, 1999
As far as I know, the only items with the name of this ship applied to the artifact is paper items - postcards, menus, stationery, onboard tickets, receipts, and the like. Select items from the barber shop, such as pennants, paperweights, and souvenir plates would also have had the ship's name on them, but to date I've never heard of any such items making it off the boat as of yet - at least nothing's turned up.
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