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Jack Binns' Marconi pocket watch

Discussion in 'Republic II 1903-1909' started by Steven Christian, Mar 7, 2019.

  1. Ran across these pics of the watch Marconi gave Jack Binns for his work during the SS Republic disaster. I like the design of that watch on how you dont have to open it to get a quick glance of the time.
    P.S - these are from the link that Dave Gittins posted on Marconi. A good site to browse. marconicalling
  2. Nice watch, its called a half-hunter and you can get modern replicas, the originals were mostly made by the swiss in the early days (1890's-1930's) of swiss watch making, in my experience it doesn't do anything for me, its harder to tell time through a half-hunter, i also have a few that have built-in magnifiers but they are all plastic lenses and don't magnify that much either.

    I just got a few new watches, will post them here tomorrow probably.
  3. As promised, here are some of my pocket watches, i've worn them all before (the ones without chains or with belt-clip chains i don't wear anymore).

    Screenshot (397).png
    Screenshot (399).png
    Screenshot (398).png Screenshot (400).png
    Screenshot (401).png
    This is just the tip of the iceberg, all these watches are reproductions made in china (you can see in the last image the watch says "Made In Switzeriand" the chains i have are silver-plated and gold-plated, i am on the hunt for a solid silver chain though.
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  4. Cool collection. I like it. I need to get another pocket watch. In one of my brain dead moments my last one went thru the washing machine. Its nice and clean but it doesn't tell time anymore...LOL.
  5. Glad you like them! unfortunately forgetting about them being in your pocket is possible, i wear mine with my waistcoat and i always remember to take it off, but there was a time when i nearly lost a deck of cards in my trouser pocket and my bootlace/bolo tie did once go through the washing machine, still works fine though.

    If you want me to i can find all the watches from that collection and send you the links to them on ebay or whatever so you can decide whether you want another or not.
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    Mark Baber Moderator Member

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    Folks, please keep the discussion in this thread limited to the subject of the Binns watch. Discussions of pocket watches in general is off topic and the Off Topic thread has been closed for that reason. Thanks.

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  7. ah ok, sorry about that, will PM op about the details instead
  8. Mark Baber

    Mark Baber Moderator Member

  9. You might like this. I think its in keeping with this thread. Although I must admit I'm not sure of the function of the letters around the dial. Its not clear to me how or if they were used in sendind/recieveing messages.
    This watch is of a type worn by Marconi wireless operators. They were made specifically for the Marconi Company and issued to them. With a white enamel dial, the watch has Roman numerals and an outer ring of letters, N-Z for PM time and an inner ring of letters, A-M for AM time. This watch bears the signature of Marconi's Wireless Telegraph Co Ltd. - 6.5cm (2.5in.) diameter.
  10. Hmm, interesting, is the "RSWX" a callsign?