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Jack Phillips Anyone know if he worked on the Olympic

Discussion in 'John George Phillips Wireless Operator' started by miles lehmann, Apr 25, 2004.

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    It looks very good. Forgive me for being so nosy, but if I can ask, how much did it all cost, printing the photo of Phillips included (excluding the purchase of the postcard though). I'm putting something similar together for some of my favourite photos I've gotten - and am yet to get - during my year abroad.
    My best, happy.gif
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    This is the back - dad thought this was one of the best bits and should have some how been shown on the front. 86720.jpg
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    I don't want to over do it with posting pictures, but I find the little details very interesting. Very much so with the people on the beach. I wonder if this is a picture of the Hotel Jack stayed at ?

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    Thanks Alex. Did not cost much. I think overall about £40 which would roughly be $95. Did not want to have a big fancy frame - thought it was best to try and keep it plain and simple. After all it is not the frame I want people to look at. Was worried I might have over done things although you never know until you see the end result. The stamp is red so I thought a burgundy mounting would look ok.

    You can burn photo’s from the internet ( as I did with Jack ) onto CD. Then go into a photo lab and have them printed out relatively cheaply. But always make sure the resolution is not to low. Again if you want to do titles then photoshop is good, these can be saved as JPEG files and burnt onto cd also. Then having this printed out on glossy photo paper give a good result.

    As for my picture, I think I will sleep on it and then make up my mind happy.gif

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    I think they seem to be aware someone has a camera and is taking their picture happy.gif

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    Whoever sent me the link to the Jack picture - thank you very much. Came out well.

  9. Miles: An excellent presentation. I assume both the window-mount and backing-mount to which it should be hinged are acid-free. Still, the picture must never again be in direct or even semi-direct sunlight; for the card's sake. It might have been best to have placed - with acid-free 'invisable' corners - the card on the backing-mount and had its 'window' cut to approach it, rather than cover - however slightly - any of its edges. What one might do is scan the card and frame that: exactly as you've had the original framed; without any further changes. The original you could then keep safely - ever so safely! - away and show only *very* occasionally. (In something like a 'crystal' sleeve; never - even by you! - 'handled'.) This would then allow you to re-consider your father's opinion that it might be interesting to display both sides; the picture side being so charming. In fact, I suspect, Miles, you may well be on the right road - or the right beach! - when you wonder whether Jack was himself a resident of the quaint guesthouse it portrays. Don
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    Hello Donald,

    It's funny that you suggested a photocopy as my father gave the same suggestion for another Titanic item I had framed at the same time, but this was a whole book. When I received this Jack card it was in a flat air-tight plastic container for protection and has been framed still in this plastic covering.

    I suppose everyone is different. Some people would keep an item like this in a postcard book, and you can present things very well in this way also. However this is something I wanted to display and I wanted the real thing rather than a copy up. I will take your wise advice and keep in out of direct sun light.

    The details on the back of the post card are not so clear on here. I am sorry about this, but I had to reduce them down. I think it is very much of ordinary people, I imagine not to rich having a day out on the beach. I do hope Jack had a good time and lived it up with some of the French women, as it can’t have been more than six months before he died. Reading about him was very sad. He would have had a very promising career ahead of him and been successful. Getting a position as one of the main radio operators on the Titanic would have been a big deal. I bet he was excited!
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    Not quite up there with my Jack postcard, but have just got my Lewis Cover back from the framing shop. Did sort of the same thing.

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    I found a short description of his accounts in the book Voices.

  15. Congratulations on acquiring your Jack Phillips card, Miles!. It's a nice example,one of several he sent in Autumn 1911 when he was working a number of European destinations. I can only underline Don's comments about keeping it in an acid free sleeve and out of direct sunlight - that's a very special signature you've got there! You asked earlier about the album that your card originally came from.It belonged to Jack's older sister Elsie. I understand that he regularly sent cards to both her and her twin Ethel because they liked to collect pictures of Jack's adventures - he saved most of his news and personal stuff for letters to his parents. I had the privilege of viewing the album, when the collection of cards (312, I believe) were still with it, just before it was sold at Christie's in 1997. It had a green cloth cover and I remember being struck by the fact that it was almost exactly half full - very symbolic of a life cut short. As someone mentioned, the cards come up for auction from time to time, Aldridges sales are always a good place to look. The prices in the last few years seem to have averaged between £300-£800 (plus premium). I never saw them at auction so I'm only guessing, but I suspect that the two cards he sent from Titanic went for a whole lot more! Well done again for your card. If you are going to display it, I would advise having it listed as a separate item on your home contents insurance, and give your insurers a copy of it for their records (Just in case, heaven forbid, anything should happen).Enjoy it!
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    Hello Mandy
    At first when I found out that there were just over 300 of these cards I thought they were quite common. But then again when you think about it 300 is not really that many when compared to some signed limited addition prints ! May I ask how you were able to see the whole collection as a complete set ? It had crossed my mind that had any of these cards mentioned getting a position on the Titanic then they fetch more let alone being sent from the Titanic ! The card came in a plastic container but I am not sure if it is acid free. Is this going to be a problem so long as it is out of direct sun light ? If not do you know where I can get something, which is acid, free to store it in — just to be on the safe side. I was wondering where they found all these cards in 1997. Did they stay within jacks family being passed down to new generations who then decided to sell ? Or were they only recently discovered in an old shed somewhere… I also wondered how far back the first card in this book went ? I suppose I paid the asking price which was around £520 without the premium. Are most of these cards sold now - as you say they came to light in 1997 ? I understand they pop up from time to time.

    Thanks for your reply
  17. Hi Miles. If your card came from another postcard collector, then the sleeve you received it in is almost certainly acid free, so I doubt you have a problem. You are right, 300 really isn't so many and, ofcourse, each of the messages is unique.

    I was lucky to see the cards, still in their album, because my friends at Godalming Museum were going to try and acquire them, to bring them back to his home town. I visited Christie's with the Curator of the Museum when she went to view the collection. I did not bid at the sale because I didn't want to bid against the museum and force the price up, but sadly they did not win the collection anyway. Naturally, no auction house will ever reveal the identity of a vendor, but through research over the years, I have a pretty good idea of the history of the cards.

    I know several other Phillips collectors but I doubt that our combined collections add up to 300 so I'm sure there are still plenty of cards out there for you to find!

    Finally, yes, there is a card on which Jack mentions going on Titanic. He posted it from Belfast and it had a picture of Titanic under construction. He seemed rather disappointed that his secret was out of the bag because he grumbles to Elsie "I suppose Ethel's already told you I'm going on Titanic....." You can see a picture of this card in the book 'Titanic- Fortune&Fate'
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    Hello Mandy

    Thanks for your reply. I don't think I will be after another Jack card. One is plenty for me.
    It's a great shame actually that they did not go to a museum and be kept in one piece in there original album. It saddens me to hear that this museum tried to bid but lost. But then having said that I would not have this card today if they had not been split up. So I’m very much caught between the devil and the deep blue sea as I feel they should have been kept together, yet I wanted the card and am very happy to own it.I hope most of the cards were at least photographed before going into other peoples collections never to see the light of day again. I could be alive for good few more years to come but as well as insuring it humble though *one* card may seem I’d happily leave this one to a museum.

    Did not know there were people whom were sole collectors of these cards ! Are they doing this for the purpose of having as many in one place of just because they enjoy collecting Jack cards…
    But as I said one is more than enough for me - and now I have one if I see another I would not bid - but rather give someone else whom does not have one a better chance of owning it ! - not that I'd be much competition in the bidding world.
  19. Hi Miles. Yes It was sad that Godalming Museum failed to win the album. As with all small organisations like that, I guess they simply didn't have the funds to go up against private collectors. I believe they tried to get a grant, to assist the bid, but were turned down.
    I don't know of anyone who purely collects Phillips cards. Most of my friends have general Titanic collections, but some people like to have a 'special' area of interest, for example passengers of a particular nationality or crew of a certain area (Officers, Engineers, Restaurant staff etc.)In my case, it's the Marconi Shack. I also have a German friend who likes Titanic stuff, but is more of a general autograph collector. Ironically, we became friends after he out bid me for a Phillips card at an auction and we were introduced through a mutual friend afterwards. This is one aspect of being a Titanic buff that I particularly like - you get to meet interesting people from all over the world. It's one of those strange things - such a horrific event all those years ago has today brought so many people together and given them a fascinating hobby and many friends.
    Finally, in answer to your original question - no, Jack never served on Olympic. Before Titanic, Mauritania was his largest ship.
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    Anyone have any idea where I can obtain acid free plastic sleeves ? This card has not been in any sun light ( nor will it! )However I understand now that the card was not kept it's plastic covering. Surly it will be safe behind non reflective glass and out of direct sun light ?