Jack Thayer's Siblings


Alexis N. Marlow

I recall reading a book about the Titanic from my city library, (although i can't recall what the book's title was) and read something to this extend:
'...Meanwhile, Jack Thayer and Milton Long stood on the boat deck deciding what to do. Thayer wanted to jump for it and swim away, but Long, not a good swimmer, said they ought to wait. As the water rapidly rose, Thayer thought of all the things he would probably not enjoy. He would never see his parents or his brothers and sisters again......"

Now call me curious, but I never read anywhere that Jack Thayer had other siblings. If he did, why weren't they on the ship with the rest of the family? I would really appreciate it if someone could comfirm that Jack had other siblings, and if possible what their names and ages were! Thanks!

Alexis Marlow
Hi Alexis,
The other Thayer children were back home in school I believe. Jack had a brother, Frederick Morris Thayer (himself a very successful banker/lawyer/businessman) who died in 1956. Then there was a sister Margaret who married a member of the Eisenhower administration (Harold Elstner Talbott)--she was a strikingly goodlooking woman and, like Jack, committed suicide--in despondence over the death of her husband. Another sister, Pauline, married Hoffman Dolan and was the last surviving sibling--dying in 1981 in Hobe Sound, Florida. She was a well-known golfer. Jack also had an infant brother who died at birth.

The Thayers, in my opinion, are one of the most interesting of the Titanic families. Jack's wife was also connected to some very well-known names in American history including Alexander Hamilton, Alexander Cassatt, and Mary Cassatt.

wow, thanks alot! I agree, the Thayers are one of the most interesting. Perhaps this is due to the fact that Mrs. Thayer and Jack could have been lost, owing to the fact that Boat 4 wasn't ready in time, and Jack might not have made it to collapsible B. All in all, a very interesting family. Thanks again!

Alexis Marlow

Sounsd like you read Michael Davie's book. I think it went under several titles, the one im my library was simply called "Titanic". It was published in 1986.
Yea, that's the one! I still have it in my possesion, so i'm going to check back. thanks for your answers!
Does anyone know whether there are any Thayer relatives still around. Like you I think that they are a fascinating family and I have been gripped by Jack Thayers account of the tragedy.
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There are still members of the thayer family around. They have moved around a bit. Mostly to ohio and new York.