James Cameron The Director

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I didn't know where to post this question so i decided to start a thread about the director himself.

I heard or read somewhere that JC made an "appearance" in Titanic as one of the 3rd class passengers during the party scene. is that True? If so, where is he so i can try to watch for him.
Hey Deborah!
Actually You can see him in Southampton getting checked for lice with a beard on, Taking pictures on deck when they salvage the safe, And following Jack and his friend in the Third class halls when they are going to their room.

Hope this Helps!
Thank you Sahand! Now I have to go pop in my DVD and see if I can recognize him. He's kind of doing an Alfred Hitchcock thing.

I wonder how many other times he appears that we just miss cuz of all the other stuff going on.

Nicolas Roughol

I knew about him being seen at Southampton docks, didn't know about the other two. I'm gonna have to check that out now ;)

Alex McLean

He can also be seen dashing behind Ben Guggenheim and Victor Giglio as the water is about to reach them.
Well, I checked out my DVD for the JC sightings that Sahand told me about and saw him all three times...I did have to view the DVD in slow motion a couple of times. Now I have to pop it back in and check out the one Alex mentioned.

I still have to check out the 3rd class party scene to see if I was told is true. I tried to spot him but didn't. Still, I wouldn't be surprised if he was dancing around there.
On my Pioneer DVD player it's marked as STEP/SLOW forward or backward. Step is frame by frame, slow can be 1/2, 1/4 or 1/8th speed.
Thanks Mike...I'll have to see if I notice that one. It's easier to spot these things now as I have seen the movie many times and know what is going to happen so I can concentrate on other things...like the JC sightings, boo-boos, etc.
Instead of starting another new thread, I thought I'd share something I read today about the filming of the movie and her director.

I was at a bookstore just perusing different books and (of course) had to check out the Titanic section. I saw a book about Disaster Ships and there was a chapter on the Titanic and then a small section about the filming.

It talked about the set and the things that happened...like the sinking part where they sank the ship and had trouble getting it back up again to re-shoot. They talked about people on the set leaning against the smoke stacks and how they fell over because of the lightweight material that they were made of.

Some of it was humorous...how they had to be sure to block out any cruise ships that were sailing in the background and even the sea gulls (I guess sea gulls don't hang out where the Titanic went down).

They talked about the extras and how difficult it was for them during the waving scene, the swimming scene etc. Also, how they had to block out the little Mexican village with a supersize tarp of some kind.

They even mentioned a "blooper". If I can remember it correctly and describe it correctly, anyone with a naval background will know what I am talking about. It was about the three propellers. In the film all three started together. The book said that the middle one would have been started by steam and that it should've started after the other two...something like that.

It also said the JC was a a bear to work with...that if anyone called the Titanic anything other than a ship, they're jobs were history. He was very, very demanding and expected everyone else to work to his level of "perfection" or at least the level he was trying to achieve.

There were even a couple picks of the set of the ship and it was weird seeing it way up on a stand with no bottom.
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