James Cameron's Illustrated Screenplay

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Is this really script of Titanic from James Cameron? Do you have some informations about this book?

James Cameron:
Titanic: James Cameron's Illustrated Screenplay
Introduction by: Randall Frakes
Annotations by: Randall Frakes
And can you send me also ifos aboutthese books? (What is it about, what picture include etc.)

Ken Marschall:
Ghosts of the Abyss: A Journey Into the Heart of the Titanic
Joint Author: Don Lynch
Introduction by: James Cameron

Ken Marschall, Hugh Brewster:
Inside the Titanic
Illustrator: Ken Marschall

Robert D. Ballard:
Discovery of the Titanic
Illustrator: Ken Marschall, Rick Archbold

James Cameron, Douglas Kirkland:
James Cameron's Titanic
Editor: Jain Lemos

Don Lynch:
Titanic: An Illustrated History

Brianne O'Brien

Try Amazon.com.. they usually have pictures of most of the books.

Mary Hamric

I highly recommend Don Lynch's books and Cameron's Illustrated Screenplay. YES...this IS the script of the movie, including deleted scenes (which will be released next month on the special edition DVD).
The screen play book also had scenes that were not even filmed due to time constraints. (spoiler) One scene was during the sinking, you see a person's view as he jumps and falls past the propellors and hits the water, and another shows the engine room during the break up, the whole area shredding apart with machinery falling around them.

I also recall in the book, there is an extended version of the subs dropping to the ocean floor and exploring the wreck.
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