James Carter (Fireman Stoker) signed on as William Ball

Has anyone researched this man and found why he might have used a different name? Quite intriguing!
I found him when looking for someone who was 'like a brother' to my granddad and 'Ball' was granddad's surname.
The person my granddad talked about was John Penrose, who came from the same village.
He is one of the more harder ones to sort out Nicky.

I have however, got the marriage certificate between James and Marianna. The marriage is registered in Southampton for 1909.

I am in the process of trying to sort out this particular Carter I found at one of the records held at Southampton Archives. Whether this is our man remains one of those outlandish long-shorts at the moment, but the connections are strongly linked with South Africa more so during the Boer War. Annoyingly I have to revert all my efforts with a major museum to scale down what does and what doesn't survive on record.

In the case of Marianna, she is registered on the Relief Fund and remained so until her death in 1945. She's actually buried with her sister in another large cemetery based in Southampton. Rather late in arriving with an answer but better late than never. I hope the questions below have provide some insight on what is officially going on behind closed doors.
Unsure if this is our man in question??

Other reasons for doing another line of the many searchers I've been bog-down with, and out of the blue to some extent, was an accident waiting to happen.

Among the many press cuttings another joins the file. The article in question resorts to the come back of those heavy involved with the Boer War and some notable names of immense wealth of the Southampton circle, were awarded the Freedom of Southampton. Among the names is "Carter" (no first name quoted) but his background and bravery fits his description to a tee.

Has any one else come across anything similar to what I've recently discovered at Southampton Reference Library??

Carter is much lower down in the report whilst Perkins gets all the glory. Considering the Perkins family were the main co-founders of the Southampton Echo, little wonder why they are masters of the universe and stand high on the league table absorbing all the rapacious welcoming from the citizen of Southampton. Not knocking Julian Perkins as years later (1923 precise) his Uncle Col. Sir Edwin Perkins the M.P., for Southampton was appointed to serve on the Southampton Committee.