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Rae Kenny-Rife

Trying to solve family rumour if we had a relative on the Titanic. Doing this for my son's fourth grade science project. James Flynn is very possibly a relative. His parents are listed as James Flynn and Anne Canavan. If someone could find out for me when the father James Flynn was born and what county in Ireland, could have my puzzle solved. Thanks.

Senan Molony

1901 Census -

Parents James Flynn 60, farmer; Anne Flynn 54, his wife. Can read and write.

Children Mary 32, Michael 21, James 18, Anthony 16, Thomas 13, Bridget 14, Anne 6.
All can read and write.

James Flynn Snr is shown as aged 70 on the 1911 census, which indicates a rare level of consistency for these Form A returns - usually the ages are hopping around unreliably from census to census.

This would indicate that James Flynn Snr was born around the latter half of 1840 or the first quarter of 1841, since censuses were taken in April - and still are. There will be one in Ireland on April 23 next.

James Flynn Snr lived all his life at Cuilkillew, Addergoole, Co Mayo, where he was very likely also born.

His birth predates compulsory civil records, so you would have to look for a Catholic church record of baptism to e absolutely sure (his religion is given as RC).

Thus, to answer your question, it is highly doubtful that James Snr was born anywhere other than Co. Mayo.

There is an Addergoole Titanic Society in the exact locality from which James Snr and Jr hail, since an appalling number of 14 people were lost from this village and environs alone.

It suffered the highest proportionate loss among passengers, and probably overtook Belfast and rivalled Southampton in the overall.

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Rae Kenny-Rife

Senan...thanks so much for your info. Now we know that this is definitely not our James Flynn. Our Flynn's were born in Roscommon and emmigrated to Newcastle sometime between 1844 and 1861. Patrick Flynn and Catherine Flynn, listed as head of household. The family rumour is that we had a 19 yr old cousin of my grandfather's (James Kenny)on board. He may have worked on the ship in Belfast, he was a good swimmer and was pulled out of the water. After the sinking, his hair turned completely white. My grandfather would have been 5 at the time of the sinking. At what age he met this cousin we don't know and could possibly be the reason for the sketchy details. My grandfather had 7 children and never talked about his family, but one of my aunt's swear's that her father told her this before his death. She's a little full of the fancifullness of possibly having a relative on the Titanic and isn't very educated, I find her details change, the part that does seem to be consistent though is the hair turning white! Your help was wonderful, we can confirm in the Science Project that we are not related to the Flynn's.